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Happy Heart. Happy Life.

Emotional Healing And Empowerment

Welcome To Shan Living

The Holistic Healing Space For Your Emotional Wellbeing.

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"Our heart is the gateway to all things beautiful. Don't let your emotions get in the way."






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A happy heart is a key to a balanced living. Let me help you heal and be emotionally empowered once again, to enjoy a fulfilling life experience.

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We Are All Born Free

Don't get trapped in your emotional loops like a broken record.

Emotional Wellbeing refers to a healthy and balanced state of mind where we are at ease with ourselves and our life.


Feeling safe, calm, beautiful, worthy, loved, inspired, meaningful, open, grateful and free-spirited are some key indicators of a healthy heart.


If most of these feelings are missing in your life and instead, you are often feeling stuck, stressed, worried, unsupported, unworthy, confused, pessimistic, guilt and shame, it is important that you start exploring ways to change your emotions.


Don't let these unhealthy emotional struggles dis-empower you and spiral into more problems in your life.

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Healing Therapy

When you are troubled in life, you are not just getting stuck in your unhappy problems but you are also stuck in the difficult emotions that come along with these problems. 

Resolve While It Is Still Relatively Easy

Don't Wait Until You Have To Deal With Panic Too.

All emotional pain and imbalances can be healed, as long as you are willing to. Don’t procrastinate for too long, take your first step now.

Unhealthy emotional habits and behaviour can be a turnaround if we are able to find out the underlying root cause of your emotional struggles. Our emotions don't go out of control for no reason.

More than often, this could be due to unmet emotional needs as a child, trauma and emotional wounds from the past, or complete emotional shutdown when we can no longer deal with the overwhelming sensation.

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Love & Relationship

Home & Family

Work & Success

Health & Wellbeing

Emotional Issues Come In Many Faces...

Over the years, I had helped numerous clients navigate out of their unhappiness into a healthier space of self-love and empowerment.

What I had noticed is that, not everyone came to me recognising their emotional issues in the first place. More than often, they were seeking solutions and healing from issues related to their personal life.

However, once they realised that every predicament leads back to the hidden emotional imbalances, their problems quickly resolved along as they addressed their emotional needs. 

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Healing Therapy

The aim of Emotional healing therapy is to help you resolve these emotional attachments and stress around your problems so that you can regain your positive energy and reclaim your happiness.

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Here Are 3 Ways I Can Assist You:

Here are 3 ways I can assist you in regaining your emotional wellbeing:


  1. Emotional Healing Therapy 

  2. Empowered Heart Coaching 

  3. Chakra & Reiki Heart Energy Healing

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Areas Of Therapy I Specialise In:

  • Self-Love: Regaining self-worthiness and self-love, letting go of shame and guilt, unlock self-expression (Read More)

  • Dysfunctional FamilyHealing from dysfunctional family and childhood wounds (Read More)

  • Dealing with Relationship Issues Joylessness, narcissism, betrayal, loneliness (Read More)

  • Life & PurposeFinding life purpose, courage to pursue your dreams (Read More)

  • Trauma & Grief: Body-mind healing from trauma, grievance and spirituality 

    We may not be able to control our life circumstances but we can certainly decide our experiences. When we heal the emotions around the problem, the problem will eventually solve by itself.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure, here is a little guide to help you explore further. Even the strongest heart succumbs to emotions. Take a look at this list and see if any of them sounds familiar to you:



Emotional attachments that you cannot let go. These could be anger, grief, betrayal, resentment related to a dysfunctional family, a toxic love relationship or  other difficult personal experiences



Emotional wounds from your past that are hurting your sense of self-worth, ability to trust and confused self-identity



Emotional numbness causing disconnection to people, own soul and life. There is always a feeling of apathy, crying, helplessness or loneliness



Chronic emotional behaviour that you find it hard to control and get rid of such as stress, anxiety and depression



Easily triggered by people at workplace, love partner or family members, jumping into defensiveness, frustrations, jealousy, frequently causing conflicts



Unstable and trapped emotional state of mind caused by a traumatic event or experience

If any of the above sounds like what you are going through, Emotional Healing Therapy will be able to assist you.

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How Would You Like To Feel Better?

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  • To be calmer and less reactive in life. Stop feeling anxious, lost and worried all the time

  • Ability to set healthy boundaries and trust me better instead of always succumbing to emotional manipulation from others

  • Gain better self-awareness and understand my emotional personality so that I am clearer about where I can improve

  • Develop more emotional intelligence and empathy to foster better relationships around me to enable growth and success

  • Let go of my past and live happily with motivation, passion and purpose

  • Restore healthy relationship with myself, reconnect with my body, mind and soul

  • Empower myself with emotional knowledge, tools and techniques to become the master of my own life destiny

If any of the above are positive change you would like to see in yourself, Emotional Healing Therapy will be able to assist you.

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"Your emotions are voices from your heart. Listen to them with wisdom instead of fear."






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If any of the above resonated with your heart, a thorough healing and transformative therapy on your emotional wellbeing will be able to assist you immensely.

Whether it is emotional control issues, attachments, sensitivity or disconnection, they all result in overbearing sensations in our life that make us feel victimised.

Imbalanced emotions also sabotage everything we care most from our career, love, family, health, wealth to spirituality. Our unhealthy emotional behaviour in these spaces prevent us from receiving clarity, abundance, love and joy into our life.

To stop the vicious cycle of these emotional loops, the number one solution is to acquire deep awareness to the underlying emotions trapped within us. This way, we can then effectively release them from our inner body and mind. 

If you are seeking positive change and ready to release your emotions, I welcome you to experience the unique power of Emotional Healing Therapy. 

Emotional healing is an alternative healing technique that uses kinesiology muscle-testing to help you gain answers, insights and liberations to your emotional issues.

If you are unfamiliar with this school of healing modality, feel free to book a non-obligatory call to find out if my healing and coaching approach suits your needs. 

Otherwise, do continue to check out more information on this website that may help you gain more understanding about emotional healing.

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Meeting Silvia is one of the greatest gifts that I have received in my life, and I can say with enormous confidence that she is a marvelous teacher and guide who helps you embark on the journey towards the life that truly resonates with your authentic self. 

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Knowledge, advice and techniques to help you build an empowered emotional health.


Youtube & Podcast

Tune in to my channel HEAL WITH SILVIA where I talk about emotional empowerment.

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