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Chakra Energy & Our Emotional Health

The Chakra energy system was introduced around 1500 to 500 BC in ancient India.

Our inner body consists of energy centers and pathways which allows energy sources to be generated and circulated. 


There are 7 major Chakras that governs our overall wellbeing. They are envisioned as large spinning wheels that propels our life engine. If our life is a vehicle, Chakras are the wheels.


Hence, as we can imagine, if these wheels becomes malfunction, that's where body, mind and life problems start to arise. 

The important thing is, what can cause damage to these wheels? 

Well, each of these Chakra controls a key aspect of our life, oiled by emotional energy. When the emotions become extreme or chaotic, spinning out of balance, that's where damage occurs.


Regular maintenance is necessary and healing works will need to be done to restore balance.  

The 7 Chakras

Every Chakra Can Tell Us

Something About Our Emotional Health

ROOT CHAKRA –Earth – Survival - Fear

Root Chakra governs our survival needs and sense of belonging, it holds the emotional power of security/stability and is blocked by fear.

SACRAL CHAKRA –Water – Pleasure - Guilt

Sacral governs our relationship needs and partnerships, it holds the emotional power of creativity and passion and is blocked by guilt

SOLAR PLEXUS – Fire – Power - Shame

Solar Plexus governs our self identity and self-belief, it holds the emotional power of confidence and courage and is blocked by shame

HEART CHAKRA – Air – Love - Grief

Heart governs our ability to appreciate life and living, it holds the emotional power of love and compassion and is blocked by grief.

THROAT CHAKRA – Sound – Truth - Lies

Throat governs our self-expression and being true to ourselves, it holds the emotional power of harmony and grace and is blocked by lies

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Light – Insights - Illusions

3rd Eye governs our intuitive insights and higher intelligence, it holds the emotional power of hope and trust and is blocked by delusions

CROWN CHAKRA – Thought – Cosmic – Earthly Attachments

Crown governs our cosmic connection to our inner soul, the universe and higher power, it holds the emotional power of higher wisdoms and enlightenment and is blocked by earthly attachments and desires

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Restoring Chakra Balance With Reiki Healing

Experience The Guiding Flow Of Universal Energy


Reiki is a Japanese alternative energy healing founded by Dr. Usui Mikao. The Japanese word "Rei" means universal and "Ki" means energy. Hence, expressing the essence of this healing approach of using the universal energy within all of us to transfer or exchange, enabling "Ki" to flow and heal. For Chakra healing, the healing palms mainly focus over the 7 major Chaka energy centers to release and energy blocks and re-activate the flow.


Although energy flows within and without, across our entire body, our palms are the most sensitive and powerful energy emission center. As a Reiki practitioner, we gently hover our palms above the patient to let "energy heal energy". The school of Reiki follows a strict lineage system to ensure that students acquire the most authentic teachings and principles from the right Reiki masters. Practitioners' energy will also need to be attuned or "activated" by a specific secret symbol as part of the ritual. As mystical as it may sound, Reiki is simply a beautiful technique that taps into our most original innate healing power that we are born with. Nothing heals better than energy, only because EVERYTHING is made of energy. If you are keen to learn Reiki as your self-healing tool, Karen Taylor is my Reiki teacher. My Reiki 1 & 2 certification is acquired under her teaching course. She is one of the most beautiful and kind soul I have met in my life, I'm sure you will feel the presence of her calming energy when you meet her. Feel free to check our her website:


Reiki healing helps to remove energy blocks and reactivate the flow of energy within us. This healing process allows our body and mind to restore balance and strength. The common experience after a Reiki session a Some of the emotional health benefits from Reiki healing are: - Provide deep relaxation to the body, mind and heart - Relieve emotional stress by opening up energy blocks - Improve breathing and sleeping patterns - Declutter mind and create new clarity

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The Experience

  • Every Session Begins With A Brief Grounding Guided Meditation & Breathwork

  • You Will Receive Energy Reading Of Your 7 Chakra Centers With Insights Provided

  • I Will Perform A Hands-On Reiki Healing To Help You Restore Balance According To Your Energetic Needs