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Clients Testimonials

My deepest gratitude to my clients for lovingly shared their testimonials.
They've made my journey possible.

*Please note that the images are for illustrative purpose only and some names have been masked for anonymity as requested.

"My life has finally embarked on an autonomous journey since I encountered Silvia. During the sessions, she delicately tapped into my subconscious, worked me through the nature of each trapped emotion and allowed me to finally release it. She has let me discover within me, the power to design my life that I had always desired yet never realized existed.


Meeting Silvia is one of the greatest gifts that I have received in my life, and I can say with enormous confidence that she is a marvelous teacher and guide who helps you embark on the journey towards the life that truly resonates with your authentic self. 


It's possible, no matter where you reside in the world; for me, over the screen is where it all happened, as I live outside of Singapore in which she currently practices. Stop dwelling in old patterns, start experiencing what it means to truly live and thrive with your life where you're the author that you're meant to be—with Silvia, it is only a few clicks away." 


Image by Morgan Sessions

Silvia, thank you for your life-changing advice. You are amazing what you do, I'm so happy that I found you. You are the light & love.



Thank you Silvia for your session! Last night has been one of the best nights for sleep quality for a long time!


Morning Rituals
Image by Sam Manns

We reached out to you for support and guidance as we were going through a difficult time.

Your guidance helped my daughter to see what she wanted more clearly, thank you so much!

You truly bring joy to your teaching, and that sets you apart from many, lucky us.



Thank you so much for my session today Silvia. I really appreciate your help and guidance. I went for an ad hoc back massage after our session my back was aching a bit. Now my physical and emotional self feel better and more prepared to live a peaceful and stress free life!


Happy Woman
Woman on her Tablet

First time knowing this place through Google and really glad that I decided to join for a few sessions with Silvia. I am grateful for my current self that finally can gradually out from my darkest days. Thank you Silvia for your wisdom, being open, compassionate, and helpful through my life/spiritual journey. It’s really beyond words. 


Image by Philippe Murray-Pietsch

There was a period when I was irritated and bored with routine, I was just going through the motions with the kids everyday, not doing enough self care, not empowering and validating myself enough in order to feel satisfied and positive about my life.


I attended Silvia’s emotion therapy session and through her class and mind re-programming, I find myself being more aware about my own emotions and was able to reframe my miserable thoughts into relatively positive ones. She was very detailed in probing into my deepest thoughts and was very encouraging in helping me to put my complexed thoughts into words.


Ever since the class, I’m working on being present everyday, focusing on my positive reaffirmations in being grateful for having the chance to see my kids grow to be great people, and validating my self worth that my husband and family appreciates my effort for contributing to the household in my own ways.


I highly recommend anyone who is stuck with life choices or just feeling negative about life at the moment to attend her sessions, as it may give you a brand new revelation about things and hopefully you will feel reinvigorated leaving the class :)


Mother and Child
Woman and Dog

Without your enormous help, kindness and generosity with your time, I would not have released these trapped emotions and moved forward! This is my 2nd day after our session, and I continue to not feel any heaviness within me the moment I get up in the morning!



Really enjoyed our session today and feeling inspired to continue my new journey on wellness! Thanks for sharing so much insights, I truly appreciate it. I have learned so much and discovered so many things about myself, I know for sure I am on the path to be a better person.


Smiling Woman
Happy Girl

Thank you dear Silvia. As always, the session was inspiring. I learned a lot today. I feel really good now! Thank you for your kindness, your smile and all the healing you are doing for me. 



Hi Silvia, thanks for the session and much appreciated for your advices given . Looking forward to connect again.


Young Professor
Working from Home

I can’t wait for more session after I settle down again!! You are doing something really wonderful and I am so glad to have experience this. Thank you once again!



Thank you so much for your session, I felt so much clarity after a long time. I have shared about my session with you to my husband and he wants to book a session with you too! Hope you will continue to help enlighten our relationship.


Hugging Couple in Nature
Working From Home

Thanks for the session. It sets my perspective right - not taking  things for granted and to count my blessings when they are still around. I am grateful and feel much grounded now.  Thank you so much.

Hong Kong


I highly recommend Shan Living to anyone who is seeking balance and harmony, particularly in the mind and soul. The founder, Silvia, meticulously curated each and every of my therapy sessions which had helped me tremendously in shifting my mind out of the negativities that I have been drowning in, and into the positivities instead.


Silvia made sure that beyond the therapy sessions, I was still able to self-regulate my emotions and manage my daily struggles by providing me with resources such as a well-written post-session report with useful and practical suggestions, informational resources on meditation, mudras etc.


Time and again, she checks in with me, not only to find out how I am coping, but also to remind me of the life intention I had set for myself. Silvia is a very sincere and caring spiritual healer whom I am very grateful for.


On top of a wonderful founder, Shan Living also has a cosy and beautiful studio space. If you are in the vicinity and you need a quick mental boost, give this studio a try - go up and allow yourself to enjoy a short meditation session with Silvia.


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