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Let Us Help You Build A Company Culture Of Creativity, Compassion And Resilience, From The Heart.

At Shan Living, we believe that creating a healthy and supportive workplace starts with the well-being of each and every employee. We understand that the challenges of modern work can take a toll on mental and emotional health, and that's why we're passionate about helping people develop the resilience they need to thrive.


We're excited to introduce our Thrive With Emotional Resilience program. It helps employees develop the resilience they need to overcome stress and burnout, and rise above challenges in a constantly changing world. Our program offers a safe and supportive space for employees to explore emotions, build resilience, and develop emotional intelligence. When employees feel supported and empowered, they contribute to a positive and engaged workplace culture. Invest in your employees' well-being with our program and experience the positive impact on your business and their lives.

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Empowering Your People By Expanding Their Heart Space


I am certain about this because I was on this journey myself.

Before I started Shan Living, I had spent more than two decades in the corporate world, specifically in advertising sales which is undeniably one of the fastest and most stressful industries. I know firsthand the impact of job burnout and employee dissatisfaction, which can lead to high attrition rates resulting in work overload and hasty hiring - an endless vicious cycle which can cost a company dearly.

Being a leader only made it more challenging to maintain my composure and lead my team to success while managing my own personal struggles with stress and anxiety.

Towards the mid-point of my career, I realised that I needed to make some changes not just for my own wellbeing but also for my family that I love deeply. 

As I began to reflect, it dawned on me that the real challenge wasn't the business, skyrocketing sales targets, or people issues. It was my own emotional capacity. If I had the mastery of emotional resilience, I would be able to handle those tough emotions much better and emerge stronger.

For example, I could have been more aware of my emotional reactions and not taken things so personally. I could have recognised the triggers of my frustration when I fail to achieve or when I hear about biased treatment, unethical behaviour, witness incompetencies or lack of accountability in the workplace. Rather than avoiding those overwhelming feelings, I could have developed emotional intelligence to articulate and express my emotions in a healthy way and establish better communication.

If I had been more emotionally empowered, I could have owned my emotions and established a better relationship with those tough emotions of frustration, guilt, anxiety, fear, and insecurity. Instead of letting those emotions accumulate and manifest, I could have done something about them to restore my emotional balance.

By realising these underlying emotional drivers were the real culprits behind my work stress and growth stagnation, I became determined to explore how I can become a better master of my own emotions instead of being hindered by them. 

Thus, I began my long and winding journey into self-discovery and emotional mastery. From mindfulness meditation, new-age energy works, astrological psychology and finally becoming a certified Emotion Code practitioner, I found myself now, riding the waves of my emotions rather than against them. 

In 2019, I reached a turning point. Having seen the radical transformation in me through all these self-development works, I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion to help others, by showing them how they can, too, heal their emotions and become empowered again. That was how Shan Living was born. 


Emotional Resilience =
Awareness x Expression x Ownership x Balance 

Thrive With Emotional Resilience program is the fruition of both my personal transformational journey and also the journeys I have walked with my numerous clients in my emotional healing and coaching work in the past years. Incidentally, the majority of them came to me due to their work stress and unhappiness, which had consequently impacted their personal relationships and health. Hearing these stories up close and personal as a therapist instead of a hiring manager this time certainly opened up a whole new perspective for me about these familiar workplace adversities.

Looking at my past experience with work stress and my new expertise in emotional healing, I decided to put together this program to help all my fellow workmates out there harness their own emotional resilience and thrive better.

Emotional Resilience is not about being tough and stoic, on the contrary, it is the ability to flow with compassion, creativity and a collaborative mindset in the face of stress and adversity. Similar to the Judo concept (the gentle way) of fighting your enemy using their own weight against them, we lean into the difficult emotions and use them instead of resist them. 

More importantly, I believe that all of us possess the quality of emotional resiliency but like every mastery, it needs to be unlocked and developed. And I will show you how you can achieve Emotional Resilience mastery through these 4 progressive self-development steps of AXOB:







  1. Emotional Awareness - Activating and raising our self-awareness is a critical starting point. When we are in touch again with our thoughts and feelings, we return to the center of focus and clarity, enabling us to see problems as opportunities for progress and new possibilities

  2. Emotional Expression - We need to learn the language of emotions. The ability for self-expression creates the freeway for channeling our stress, anxiety and concerns in a healthy, empathetic and positive manner

  3. Emotional Ownership - We must realise that emotions are part of our personality and we own them! To reclaim our ownership, we need to work on self-discovery and emotional profiling to get to know ourselves better and deeper

  4. Emotional Balance - Emotional resilience requires regular detoxification of unwanted emotional baggage and replenishment of happiness hormones to maintain a healthy balance in our body, mind and spirit

By embodying these 4 pillars of emotional power in us, we unleash the positive power of emotions and develop the muscles of resiliency.


When we are in a workplace setting, we have the tendency to forget the human side of people.


Our mind is very quick to react and perceive based on the label we put on the person - that's our CEO, the Director, that engineer, the salespeople... we easily overlooked that behind the job titles, they are all still emotional beings. If we can begin to tap into the emotional side of our employees, we can connect with them deeper at the heart level, and that is the real key to unleashing our employees' potential. 

Imagine managing a team of talents that are emotionally resilient.


The atmosphere in the workplace will be vibrating with positive energy, enthusiasm and zest. Even in the face of deadlines, targets, and challenges, everyone is able to put their heart together to get creative, collaborative and supportive. Emotionally resilient employees do not hesitate to ride the waves together with the company that they feel a strong sense of belonging and excel in their job because it sparks joy and satisfaction. Such vibes can only be produced by employees who are in touch with and in charge of their emotions, possessing the ability of healthier self-expression that creates space for constructive communication and ideas.

I have always been a big believer in the power of emotions. Especially in this new era which we have moved from an industrial to an intelligence economy. People are more demanding than ever for happiness and meaning - and these are emotional needs! Companies that start venturing beyond knowledge training to emotional training will be the ones that can attract and retain talents and teams that can bring the company towards a quantum leap. 

This is why I'm so passionate about our Thrive with Emotional Resilience program because of its exponential growth potential in your people.


​Our Thrive With Emotional Resilience program is delivered in 4 formats including:

  • Weekly Classes

  • Experiential Workshops

  • Team Bonding

  • 1-1 or Group Mentorship

Our program is designed to equip your employees with the knowledge, tools, and techniques of emotional self-mastery to build their emotional resilience. We offer a variety of formats to suit your organizational needs, including on-site at your workplace or online.


Our program consists of four categories, including weekly classes, workshops, team bonding activities, and 1-1/group mentorship. Each category is tailored to help your employees develop their emotional awareness, expression, ownership, and balance.

Let us know your objective and we can create a tailor-made program for you.

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Why Build Workplace Emotional Resilience?

Emotional Resilience Employee Wellness Program: Unlocking The Key To Striving Employees

Contact Us Today To Start Exploring.

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