"Shan" is the pronunciation of the Chinese character "善" which means kindness. It is also a big word that kickstart my very own mindfulness journey.

"If you need to choose between being Right and being Kind, choose being Kind".

That was one of the precepts from the book called "Wonder", a children novel that tells the school adventure of a boy born deformed. I fell in love with this quote immediately and it had since become my life's guiding motto to live with bliss and peace.

Founding Shan Living is my personal aspiration to bring more light and peace to the world through the awareness of mindful living and the ability to self-heal.

And since life and work are no longer separable in this era, I knew Shan Living has to take care of both aspects in our efforts.

The corporate world has shaped my own personal life story in a huge way. While I am ever grateful for all the wondrous experiences and accomplishments it gave to me, I wish I had walked the journey with more mindfulness, creating a better balance in my personal wellbeing, my family and personal relationships.

I hope through sharing my own transformational journey and dedication, the community will find inspirations and support to kickstart and continue to flourish in the Mindfulness journey.

And I would like to thank you for joining me, as we collectively bring more Mindfulness into the world.





Our Aspiration

Shan Living aspires to bring positive growth impact to organisations and individuals through our holistic Mindfulness-based programs.

A different form of evolution has begun - the evolution of CONSCIOUSNESS.

As our living shift from industrialisation to artificial intelligence , our Mind has to dive deeper into a whole new regime of intuitive skills and mastery.

We hope to play our humble role in this magnificent global conscious movement.

Brief Bio

Silvia is the founder of Shan Living. Before starting up her own mindfulness studio and private practice for alternative healing, Silvia has spent more than 15 years in the Ad Tech space with both startups and MNCs.

An adventurer at heart, she left Singapore in 2003 and began her new life journey working around the world including UK, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong for the next 10 years.

As much as she is passionate about her corporate career, Silvia is always in search of the spiritual side of life, trying to explore the profound Body, Mind and Spirit connection.

Her interests span from New Age spiritualism, religious philosophies to science and psychologies. A large part of her focus was on discovering modalities for self-heal and self-love.

It is through her life-long pursuit of blissful yet empowering way of life that gradually led her to the decision to switch from corporate work to mindfulness teaching and energy healing works.

She hopes to spread more awareness of Mindfulness Living and Holistic Healing to each and everyone, bringing peace and love to the world, starting from the peace and love within.  

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