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Emotional Healing Therapy For Love & Relationship Issues


To be loved is the number one emotional need that all human being possesses and it is also the number one emotional pain that we cannot escape.

From finding love to falling in love, staying in love and falling out of love, every phase is catastrophise by unstoppable waves of emotions.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties in your current relationship or still carrying emotional wounds from the past ones, let Emotional healing therapy help you navigate out of them. By clearing your heart from pain, you create space for love and peace.


Anna* came to my therapy session to deal with her indecisiveness in her current relationship. She shared that her partner had become so lazy and complacent in the relationship that she felt non-existent. There was nothing excited to talk about except about the weather and what is for dinner. He was reluctant to get out of the house and uninterested for any weekend activities together as a couple. The most annoying behaviour for Anna was his obsessiveness in his mobile phone. She felt ignored all the time.

While she felt drained and joyless in the relationship, she was also laden with unexplainable sense of guilt and fear. She would blame herself for being not contented. And although she could not bear another day spent with him, she also fears that she would not find another guy again. The thought of being by herself create massive anxiety.

Through the Emotional healing therapy, Anna was able to realise that the underlying fear that she had was an insecurity that she had experienced from childhood. Her father has had an affair, her mother was devastated, he eventually left the family. She later grew up with self-image issues, troubled by her chubby body. She shared that her boyfriend was the first one who looked past her appearance and accepted her body. For that, she had always felt grateful. And that was where the guilt came from.

When we were able to put all these hidden feelings into perspectives, Anna was able to gain more clarity into her situation. The key is never about to stay or go in the relationship but what was more important is to heal her sense of insecurity about herself. We spent a couple more sessions together to help Anna heal all these old emotional wounds and rewire her old belief system. Anna eventually rebuilds her self-appreciation and self-love. Few months later, I received a text from her that she had left the relationship and to her surprise, she felt so happy and liberated. She is totally enjoying her new life and simply spending time doing what sparks joy in her life.


Celine* is a successful corporate exec, she heads up a department in a global company. She looked impeccable and confident when she walked into the studio. However, in the next few sessions, Celine would tear up and breakdown uncontrollably whenever she talks about her love relationship. "It's always my fault" was how she will put it every time.

Celine met her partner through a dating app, it was love at first sight but things began to spiral down when she discovers his alcoholic habit. Whenever he drinks, he would humiliate her. Since he was jobless, Celine would offer to pay whenever they dine out. However, instead of appreciating, Celine would be criticised for trying to demean him.

He became so unreasonable and sensitive that Celine no longer mentions anything about her work or herself anymore. It was like a landmine that she tried to tip-toe around him. Although there was no physical violence, his words would become more and more hurtful.

Celine felt trapped in this relationship as she felt deep connection but at the same time, she felt tormented and small around him. This was such a huge contrary to the respect she gets at work.

In the Emotional healing therapy, we uncovered several shame-based beliefs. As a child, her mother would often shame her in front of everyone, telling her that it is all her fault.

As a middle child, she always felt unloved. Her elder sister is the smart one, her younger brother is the cute one. In her mind, she is always the "stupid and ugly" one. She had worked very hard all her life for accomplishment, for the hope to gain recognition from her mother. However, even right now, with her career and financial success, her mother still ignored her.

As obvious as this seem, Celine did not realise that she had been carrying this inner shame. She just knew that she always works very hard but never felt good enough.

This discovery was an enlightening wake-up call for her which inspired her to work on releasing these trapped emotions which no longer serves her. Celine stopped tearing up in the fourth session and we knew that was a sign of her regeneration.

She also realised the emotional manipulation from her narcissistic partner and learned to set healthy boundaries. She shared that she is not ready to let go of the relationship yet but now she is no longer playing the victim role. In fact, Celine brought her partner to the healing therapy and it was a liberating moment to get both sides of the story and heal together.


June* came to the therapy for healing her depression. She had taken sabbatical leave from work as she could no longer function properly. She had trouble getting out of bed and had little appetite. It was with huge effort that she managed to drag herself to the studio.

June shared that she always has mild depression for years but this was the worst. She had walked into the house one day, witnessing her husband and another woman in the bedroom. It was a major shock to her and she had never been able to feel herself ever since.

She was working on her divorce when she came to the therapy but I could deeply sense her pain in her heart that was still trapped in the event.

It was not easy for June to open up about her feelings, in fact, many times, she had no idea how she felt. It was like a blank piece of paper for her.

Although she was unable to articulate her pain, through the Emotional healing therapy, her muscle-testing was able to facilitate her in identifying the emotions.

I still remembered the turning point on our third session. A tear stream down her cheek when we were healing a childhood pain that happened when she was 8 years old. Her father had accused her from stealing and hit her severely, forcing her to own up. June was terrified, hurt and humiliated, she remembered screaming for her mother to help her but was ignored. The beating went on forever. She fell asleep and woke up soaked in her tears.

She shared that she had been quite naughty as a child but she never steals the eraser. It was a birthday gift from her classmate which her father refused to believe.

Through the Emotional healing therapy, we discovered that the emotion June became trapped in was "abandonment".

Witnessing the betrayal from her husband was like reliving this childhood pain once again. The double-impact froze and paralysed her.

As we unravel these emotional wounds from the past and present, for the first time, I saw some energy in June, she managed to smile when she was leaving the studio. We continued to work on her recovery for several more sessions until she was motivated again.

The interesting twist to June's case was that her recovery actually led her into finding her life calling. She decided to continue her passion in painting and is training to become an art therapist to help those who are suffering from depression.

Above are some case examples of love issues that can be resolved through Emotional Healing Therapy. If you are struggling in a current relationship or moving forward to a new one after a bad breakup, get healed properly so that you can make space more true love to re-enter your heart.

*The names are fictional and some details have been modified for privacy purpose.



Silvia Siow
Emotional Healer & Coach

If you are seeking positive change and ready to release your emotions, I welcome you to experience the unique power of Emotional Healing Therapy.

The therapy engages holistic and intuitive mind-body techniques to help you reveal and resolve the real underlying causes of your emotional issues and life challenges.

If you are unfamiliar with this school of healing modality, feel free to book a non-obligatory call to find out if my healing and coaching approach suit your needs.

Otherwise, do continue to check out more information in this website that may help you gain more understanding about emotional healing.



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