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Emotional Healing Therapy For Life Purpose & Courage To Pursue Your Dreams

Finding life purpose is not a goal-oriented exercise, it is a quest to reconnect with your source of joy and meaning.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about finding life purpose, some are just contented with their regular life as long as there are no major problems.

However, if you are finding yourself getting restless and lost these days, it may be a sign that the time has come for you to explore the higher purpose of your existential life.

This timing usually comes around mid-life (30s-40s) or after a major event that makes you question about your value.

Well, life purpose can come in many forms. Perhaps it is an enterprise you have always wanted to start up. A dream that you have always wanted to fulfil. Or a life lesson that needs to be learned in order to elevate.

From "what is my life purpose" to "how to get it to work", you will be surprised to know that the answers are all hidden in your emotional issues.

So many times, I had seen how my clients found their true north the moment they understood their healing and transformation. In fact, I too, found my life calling in healing works when I was working on my own emotional healing. I eventually left my high-flying corporate life after 15 years and started my own healing practice.

Whenever my clients ask, how can they find their life purpose, I will always point them to look at their deepest pain. Look for recurring life themes and predicaments, that is always a sign of where your hidden quest lies.

If you have one of the following signs or situations in your present life, the Emotional healing therapy will be able to help you gain some insights and provide you with directions.

  • I do love my job but I am feeling less and less enthusiastic about my work lately. This lack of motivation is becoming unbearable

  • I find myself attracted to people and stories about how they become successful in following their dreams

  • I am very sure I want to do my own thing; I have a vague idea. But I am not sure where and how to even get started

  • I want to start my dream business but I always feel fearful about moving forward. And worse, what if I fail and lose all my money

  • It has been wonderful finally doing what I love but I am struggling and unhappy. I am so stressed to keep the business afloat. Why is chasing my dream so difficult? Shouldn't it be joyful?

  • Everyone is against what I want to do. Even I doubt myself. Why?

  • I feel lost and unhappy, I am not myself lately, especially when I am surrounded by people

  • I often wonder, there must be a reason that I am still alive today, despite all my life problems. How do I find out?

  • The recent pandemic, a death in the family, made me realise life is short and unpredictable. Is there a more meaningful way to live?



Silvia Siow
Emotional Healer & Coach

If you are seeking positive change and ready to release your emotions, I welcome you to experience the unique power of Emotional Healing Therapy.

The therapy engages holistic and intuitive mind-body techniques to help you reveal and resolve the real underlying causes of your emotional issues and life challenges.

If you are unfamiliar with this school of healing modality, feel free to book a non-obligatory call to find out if my healing and coaching approach suit your needs.

Otherwise, do continue to check out more information in this website that may help you gain more understanding about emotional healing.



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