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Onward To Emotional Freedom

Emotional Healing Therapy

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Bring Back The Happy Version Of You

We are all born to be free and happy. If you have forgotten how that feels, simply observe the children around us... They are the most original version of what we could have been before we were troubled by earthly issues and emotions...

It is therefore my deepest wish for my healing works and this healing space to help you offload your emotional baggage and reignite the childlike joy in you again.

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Yoga on Rocks

Re-Awakening Your Happy Heart

Bring clarity and wisdom to your emotional challenges by uncovering the real causes hidden behind them.

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What Is Emotional Healing Therapy

The therapy engages holistic and intuitive mind-body techniques to help you reveal and resolve the real underlying causes of your emotional issues and life challenges.

I don't know what is wrong with me but I have been feeling low and sad for many years.

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Healing Hidden
Trapped Emotions

Unlike visible physical symptoms, emotional issues are usually complex and entangled with a series of unpleasant life events, from childhood to adulthood, that we fail to resolve or let go properly.

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Not A Q&A Talk Therapy
You Get Real Insights 

Due to the innate complexity of emotions, typical talk therapy or counseling may not be able to fully unravel the deeper emotional conditions stored in the subconsciousness.


Emotional healing therapy applies a fairly simple but highly intuitive approach called muscle-testing to tap into your memories and belief system. This is a healing concept from Chiropractic.

Based on the mind-body responses, we will be able to collect biofeedback on what you are truly feeling and why.


The whole process is easy, enlightening and relieving. Every client loved this liberating experience as I guide them through their self-inquiry and emotional discovery. 

I feel emotionally numb after all my life-long dramas. I can no longer feel myself.

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Areas Of Therapy I Specialise In:

  • Self-Love: Regaining self-worthiness and self-love, letting go of shame and guilt, unlock self-expression (Read More)

  • Dysfunctional FamilyHealing from dysfunctional family and childhood wounds (Read More)

  • Dealing with Relationship Issues Joylessness, narcissism, betrayal, loneliness (Read More)

  • Life & PurposeFinding life purpose, courage to pursue your dreams (Read More)

  • Trauma & Grief: Body-mind healing from trauma, grievance and spirituality 

    We may not be able to control our life circumstances but we can certainly decide our experiences. When we heal the emotions around the problem, the problem will eventually solve by itself.


My mum used to shout at me all the time as a kid.
Now in my thirties, I can still hear her criticising voices in everything I do. 

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How Does The Therapy Solve My Problem Effectively?

Emotional Healing Therapy is unique in its own way. It shares similar wellbeing goals with mainstream psychologist therapy and counseling but it goes much deeper beyond cognitive discussion and advice.

I cannot help feeling anxious, stressed and negative all the time. I wish I can just switch these noises off.

After my mother passed away, I sank into deep grievance and guilt. I kept feeling it's my fault.

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What Are The Key Benefits Of The Therapy?

  1. Get answers not questions 

  2. Feel physical and mental relief 

  3. Healing and empowerment 

  4. Coaching and mentorship 

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What To Expect For My First Visit?

The therapy can be conducted both online in your own conducive space or in-person in Shan Living studio.

Private, safe and calming are the key setups in each healing session. So that you can feel totally at ease in your body and mind.


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I know my relationship is toxic but I don't have the courage to leave. I fear I will be lonely for rest of my life.

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The Complete Therapeutic Experience

Discover | Release | Reconnect

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Receive More Insights

Get An e-Copy Of Your Post-Session Report

There is an abundance of insights and healing that you will be receiving during the session. To relieve you of the distraction of taking notes, a detailed recap report plus additional insights will be sent to you post-session.

You just have to sit back and relax.

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The Holistic Healing Space

I love places with history and stories. I totally fell in love with this old shophouse the moment the agent opened the door. It was the perfect space for healing works.

I hope you can feel the good energy too as you enter the space. My clients often said it feels like home... and I guess that is quite the word to describe the experience. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to come home to our happy heart...

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Silvia, thank you for your life-changing advice. You are amazing what you do, I'm so happy that I found you. You are the light & love.


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