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The Most Comprehensive List Of Trapped Emotions To Help You Decode Your Life

Updated: Sep 24, 2021


The Emotion Code & The 60 Emotions Chart

If you can't describe it, you don't know it well enough. - Albert Einstein

Our emotions work in such a complex way that sometimes we get confused about how we truly feel. Or worse – how we SHOULD feel.

In a relationship breakup, emotions can be a big melting pot of heartache, anger, remorse, self-blame, betrayal, relief, regret, courage, love and hate.

When tendering a resignation, the mixed emotions of fear and hope can be both felt at the same time.

Striking a lottery can immediately pump the adrenalin of overwhelming joy and produce toxic chemicals of greed and fear of losing.

Sir Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.”

The ability to observe and articulate how we truly feel is actually one of the fastest way to liberate our stress and tension. Learn to describe your emotions in greater range of vocabulary and discover the immediate effect to your sensation in perceiving the event.

The Emotion Code™ has developed the most concise yet comprehensive chart of emotions consisting of 60 well-defined descriptions. Each time we identify a life aspect to release trapped emotions, we will use this chart together with muscle testing to find out which emotional baggage are causing the blockages.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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