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How Emotion Code™ Could Be Your Life-Changer

Updated: Sep 24, 2021


What is The Emotion Code™?

The Emotion Code™ is an alternative healing method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson almost 20 years ago. While he was treating his patients in his holistic clinic as a chiropractor, he started noticing that all problems ultimately come from a single denominator – trapped emotions. He had since developed an easy yet effective process of using muscle-testing (applied kinesiology) to pick out what emotions are causing the imbalances.

How does it work?

Muscle-testing is quite commonly used in alternative medicine practice, including wellness therapy such as chiropractic. The basis of this practice is that our muscles and subconscious mind communicates in perfect synchrony. The language being expressed by the muscle is through the strength. If the muscle react strongly, it indicates a positive or balanced signal from the mind and vice versa. There are several ways to do a muscle testing which includes the arm-test, sway-test, ring-in-ring method and many more. Dr. Brad had created a comprehensive Emotion Chart that consists of 60 different types of “negative” emotions that are commonly trapped amongst the people. You can check them out below. Using muscle-testing, we can ask from this chart to track down the trapped emotion that is pertaining to the issue. In another words, we are finding answers from our body that is talking to our subconscious mind! (and our body never lie.) If you are interested to find out more, feel free to visit the official site . This is a truly amazing transformation self-heal discovery and I hope it will inspire you one way or another to kickstart your own self-care journey.


  1. Abandonment

  2. Betrayal

  3. Lost

  4. Forlorn

  5. Love Unreceived

  6. Effort Unreceived

  7. Heartache

  8. Insecurity

  9. Overjoy

  10. Vulnerability

  11. Anxiety

  12. Despair

  13. Disgust

  14. Nervousness

  15. Worry

  16. Failure

  17. Helplessness

  18. Hopelessness

  19. Lack of Control

  20. Low Self-Esteem

  21. Crying

  22. Discouragement

  23. Rejection

  24. Sadness

  25. Sorrow

  26. Confusion

  27. Defensiveness

  28. Grief

  29. Self-Abuse

  30. Stubborness

  31. Anger

  32. Bitterness

  33. Guilt

  34. Hatred

  35. Resentment

  36. Depression

  37. Frustration

  38. Indecisiveness

  39. Panic

  40. Taken for Granted

  41. Blaming

  42. Dread

  43. Fear

  44. Horror

  45. Peeved

  46. Conflict

  47. Creative Insecurity

  48. Terror

  49. Unsupported

  50. Wishy Washy

  51. Humiliation

  52. Jealousy

  53. Longing

  54. Lust

  55. Overwhelm

  56. Pride

  57. Shame

  58. Shock

  59. Unworthy

  60. Worthlessness

By finding out which of these are your trapped emotions using muscle-testing, you will be able to start decoding your emotional imbalances and work on a remedy to heal the situation that you want to change.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner