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Why Emotional Health Can Impact Us More Than Physical Health

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We talk about taking care of our body and taking care of our mind. But most of the time we neglect the third pillar of our life engine - which is our emotional wellbeing.

When we were just a little foetus in the womb, the very first organ that developed was our heart. And then the brain was formed next.

This simple design of human nature is the clue to our purest form and most powerful source - OUR HEART.

We often say "follow our heart" instead of follow our head, because deep within, we know, our heart is the one we trust most.

But our heart gets sick and disconnected sometimes, and that's where we really need to pay attention and heal it.

Creating Shan Living is my hope and aspiration to encourage more people to look after their precious heart. By empowering our emotional health, we create a blissful and fulfilling life for ourselves.


Emotional health is the state of stability, strength and openness of our emotions that is able to allow our body and mind, and our life as a whole to grow and flourish.

A study showed that a human can experienced up to 34,000 different emotions.

That’s a super huge spectrum of emotions and to simplify it, let's just break them down into two buckets for simplicity -

  1. emotions that make us feel awesome and

  2. emotions that can make us feel awful

Awesome or "good" emotions such as happy, contented, joyful, peace, grateful, successful, love, fulfilled, inspired, enlightened create nutrients that nourish us.

Awful or "bad" emotions such as sadness, anger, hate, guilt, shame, bitter, jealous, betrayed produce toxins that harm us.

That said, a great emotional health does not mean just having only the good emotions.

In any case, it is also impossible and unnatural to the human design to just feel one set of emotions. Emotions have their existential purpose only so that we, as human, can experience them and bring consciousness towards it. So it is inevitable that we have to go through both good and bad emotions.

So the key to emotional health is all about achieving emotional balance. Making sure that we don't overload our emotional system with negative emotions that poses the risk to weaken our state of being as a whole, affecting our body, our mind and our life.


When we are emotionally healthy, we feel good easily and effortlessly. This harmonious sense of being creates flow within and around us, encouraging good health, good wealth and great love to be attracted into our life.

On the contrary, when we are emotionally sick, we are attached to negative emotions all the time, creating continuous resistance, pain, dramas and chaos into our experiences.

Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are interlocked like a chain. When we pull one, the rest will follow in the same force and same direction.

Hence, by nourishing and ensuring our emotional wellbeing, we are empowered to create a harmonious chain-effect in our life, that brings fulfilment, abundance and joy.


Just like our body needs to be taken care of by regular detoxing and nourishment, the same goes for our emotional health.

To stay emotionally healthy, there are 3 things we need to do:

  1. We need to recognise and release any unwanted emotions that are weighing us down.

  2. We need to develop deeper awareness of our emotions and emotional reactions, so that we can manage them in real-time, instead of suppressing them and ignoring them

  3. We need to build the self-mastery of using the power of emotions. Instead of allowing our emotions to carry us away, we use our emotional energy to create success and deeper transformation


Taking good care of your emotional health

Taking ownership of your emotions

Taking your emotional power to a greater purpose

Whichever place you are in right now in your life, make an effort to kickstart a hygiene check on your emotional health. You will be amazed by the transformative power your heart has.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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