Don't Let Your Unfinished Business Follow You To The Next One.

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Decode your emotions through the Emotion Code™

We are not bothered by the problem itself. We are bothered by the emotions that are attached to the problem.

A great example is our current pandemic crisis. What disturbs us the most is the string of unbearable emotions it stirs up within us – fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations, sadness, depression...

We all just want these bad feelings to go away and feel good about our lives again.

While a problem cannot resolve or disappear overnight, especially problems that are driven by complex reasons beyond our control, what we can work on is transcend and get rid of the negative emotions attached to the problem.

At least, that is the first step.


You might think your job is the problem but the truth is, what you are disliking are the emotions that are attached to the job. They could be strong sense of conflict, failure, jealousy, pride, unworthiness, low self-esteem, worry etc.

If we don't recognise the underlying emotional pain of the job, perhaps a new job landed, the old trapped emotions will emerge again.

You will see exactly the same behaviour that you detested in your new colleague or leadership. And this time, they may even evolve into more new trapped emotions.