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Don't Let Your Unfinished Business Follow You To The Next One.

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Decode your emotions through the Emotion Code™

We are not bothered by the problem itself. We are bothered by the emotions that are attached to the problem.

A great example is our current pandemic crisis. What disturbs us the most is the string of unbearable emotions it stirs up within us – fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations, sadness, depression...

We all just want these bad feelings to go away and feel good about our lives again.

While a problem cannot resolve or disappear overnight, especially problems that are driven by complex reasons beyond our control, what we can work on is transcend and get rid of the negative emotions attached to the problem.

At least, that is the first step.


You might think your job is the problem but the truth is, what you are disliking are the emotions that are attached to the job. They could be strong sense of conflict, failure, jealousy, pride, unworthiness, low self-esteem, worry etc.

If we don't recognise the underlying emotional pain of the job, perhaps a new job landed, the old trapped emotions will emerge again.

You will see exactly the same behaviour that you detested in your new colleague or leadership. And this time, they may even evolve into more new trapped emotions.


You might think you loathe your marriage and your spouse. The truth is, they are not the primary source of your resentment, it is the emotions that are generated from the relationship and the marriage experiences that are causing you the pain and misery.

If we don't recognise the underlying emotional pain of the relationship, we will subconsciously bring forward the emotional wounds to our next relationship.

Perhaps you left your ex-spouse who cheated on you. You started dating again many years down the road and a new partner came into your life. The old trapped emotion of “betrayal” will manifest itself again in this new opportunity. Somehow, you will always be bothered by trust issues with your partner, even though you know that he or she should be a decent person and there is no way you can make a mistake twice. Soon “betrayal” will mutate and create new trapped emotions, perhaps “low self-esteem”. You will often feel that you’re not good enough for your partner and he or she will leave you one day for a better choice.


For those who were born into a dysfunctional family where abuse, domestic violence, money-problems are abound, the family seem to be the problem. Yet, what really is bothering you are the emotions that come onto you each day as you enter the household.

And when these childhood emotional wounds are not resolved, we carry them into our adult life, replicating the same emotional pain again and again.

Perhaps, your father had been an abusive man towards your mother. You have experienced as a child, the agony of being “vulnerable”, “helpless” and “powerless”. Now, you grew up as an independent adult, thinking that the worse is now over, you have your own life to live and you will make it better. The next thing you know, you have fallen for exactly the same character as your father and now you are living in an abusive marriage like your mother.

Don't Run Away From Your Emotions

These trapped emotions will continue to amplify and mutate as you try to move on with your life.

Well, we can leave our job, our marriage, our family to escape from those emotions and that is perhaps the most common ways people are dealing with their lives these days.

Yet, this is like taking the painkillers. We merely bury the symptoms but we have not really unplug the root cause.

And those emotions that we thought we have left behind as we abandoned our job, partner or family, they did not go anywhere else but simply lodged within our body and mind in toxic energy form.

This is what we called trapped emotions or emotional baggage.

If you truly want to change your life experiences now, work on finding out your trapped emotions and release them from the root, permanently.

This way you will be liberated to receive new experiences into your life that you truly desire.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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