One Fail-Proof Way To Build Self-Confidence

One day a professor walked into the classroom and gave his students a surprised test. As usual, he started distributing the test paper, placing them faced down on the table. When the students flipped over the test paper, they were all confused. There were no questions but only a single black dot in the middle of the paper. The professor asked everyone to simply write what they saw.

Everyone submitted their answers and the professor started reading them one by one. The classroom was silent. The professor finally looked up and spoke to the class "I had given all of you a white paper with a small black dot and everyone had focused on nothing but just the black dot. How about the huge white space around the dot?" At this moment, the students understood the lesson behind this test.

We are all like these students who can only see the black dot.

The black dot is our weaknesses with which we are obsessed. While there is a huge part of us that carries our strengths, our values and greatness, we habitually ignore them.

The lack of self-confidence is not an outcome but a conscious choice. The more we refused to see the good within us, the more we dis-empower ourselves from our self-confidence.

If you are too, looking for a way to breakthrough the ceiling of your self-esteem, read on to find out how.


Confidence built solely on mental exercise is draining and unsustainable. There is only that much energy to keep chanting positive slogans in our head to appear confident.

A better and more empowering way of building true confidence is to start from self-authenticity.