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Many things are beyond our control but self-care is fully in our own hands.

And you can begin with the most accessible exercise on earth - meditation

Love & Light

Silvia Siow

Founder of Shan Living


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As your personal meditation coach, I will guide and assist you on the following:

  • How to meditate at great ease

  • Basic sitting postures for less pain

  • Breathing techniques to ground your practise

  • Explore different meditation methods that matches your personality, lifestyle and emotional needs

  • Answer any questions you have about mindfulness, meditation and the mind

If You Have

Little Time


WFH Mini-Breaks

30 Min


Quick Reboot For The Day

$45 Per Session

Min. 5 Sessions

Deep Relaxation

60 Min


Theme-Based Meditation Sequence

$75 Per Session

Min. 3 Sessions

You decide the date and time.

If You Have

More Time




6 X 60 Min Lessons


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 Experience New Living

Meditation has been proven by many medical and science researches that it can effectively alter our brainwaves from high beta stress to low alpha calmness. This state of relaxation further boosts our immunity system to keep us healthier.

When we do a sit meditation, the posture also encourages more circulation of energy flow in our upper body, helping all our organs to enjoy more supply of oxygenated blood.  

Certain meditation techniques such as Focus Meditation, is also able to train and rewire our mind for better concentration and adopting new habits. 


Went for my personal meditation session with Silvia. She has opened up my mind to what meditation is really about. Environment is cosy and so comfortable that you would already feel so relaxed before starting on the meditation. She begins by finding out my intention so as to specifically cater to my needs. And I found out that meditation is not as boring as what most of us visualize it to be. It can actually be practiced anywhere, anytime. Absolutely love this experience and thankful to Silvia for her guidance.



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