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By bringing deeper awareness

to what is really troubling your heart.


Hi there, I'm an emotional healer and coach. Welcome to Shan Living, the holistic healing space for your emotional wellbeing.

If you have been trying to find a solution to cope with emotional issues and attachments and would like to learn how you can better empower your emotional mastery, you have come to the right place.


Find out more about how I can be of service to you below. I look forward to connecting with you in divine opportunity. 


Lots of love & light to you, 


Our emotional wellbeing can spiral out of balance in various ways. Here are some of the common emotional challenges that I have worked with my clients

  • emotional overwhelm - feeling overpowered by excessive negative and worrying thoughts and feelings in the mind on a constant basis

  • emotional numbness - the lack of feeling or interests towards people, events and life in general, a sense of apathy

  • emotional high sensitivity - easily affected or offended by what others say or do, resulting in hurt and defensiveness, affecting effective communication

  • emotional stress & anxiety - feeling of tension, unease and panic dealing with ongoing problems and expectations

  • emotional depression - a lack of motivation, feeling restless, gloomy and uninspired about the present and future

    emotional anger - a strong emotion of wrath and resentment, easily triggered, tendency of self-hurt or towards others

These emotions could be related to









And don't worry if you are not quite sure what exactly you are experiencing and whether this is the right therapy for you. Feel free to book an enquiry call with me and I'll be able to assist and recommend you.


Emotions are beyond cognitive behaviour of the intellectual mind, they come from somewhere deeper beneath our consciousness.

That is why most of us find it so hard to take control of our emotional feelings especially if we have not mastered deep self-awareness.

My therapy methods focus on tapping into the subconscious level of the mind to help you identify the specific underlying emotional attachment, including the associated old memories or past events that you may still be holding on to, without realising.

You will experience a fusion of science, mindfulness and spirituality in the therapy process to provide you with a holistic release and recovery of your emotional wellbeing.


I understand that it can be an overwhelming process trying to find out what works for you and what you need. If you require more information, book a free enquiry call with me to explore further.  

I'm sure your heart will guide you to the right place where you can receive your optimal healing and transformation.


If you are ready to book a session now, below are my sessions and rates information. Simply click on the button to reserve your appointment request and I will confirm with you as soon as I receive it.

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60 MINS - SGD$150

120 MINS - SGD$280*

(*includes Personalised Post-Session
Insights Report)


60 MINS - SGD$90

120 MINS - SGD$220*

(*Includes Personalised Post-Session
Insights Report)

If you simply want to have a quick tryout, feel free to book the shorter 60 mins session otherwise, I will strongly encourage you to go for the 120 Mins session for a deeper and more thorough healing experience.


Need some more guidance? Try answering the following questions. They may help you further establish if this therapy experience will help you in your case:

  1. Have you been experiencing unhappiness over a long time (at least more than a year)?

  2. Do you feel frustrated about yourself and your life because you feel powerless to change it?

  3. Are you eager to gain clarity to your current state of being and what is really going on in yourself and your life?

  4. Are you open to seek help and help yourself so that you can get out of the emotional stress and pain?

  5. Do you wish to be free from emotional attachments sleep better at night and live each day in inner peace?

  6. Do you resonate in the concept of / idea of emotional wellbeing as an important self-care element?

  7. Are you someone who is highly sensitive towards people feeling and you often find yourself influenced or taking on their feelings as your own?

  8. Do you wish you are less emotional and more self-empowered in your life where you can make wise choices for your own happiness?

  9. Have you got a wounded childhood or unpleasant experience that you will like to put a closure that you can live on happily in your life again?

  10. Do you feel that you are often a “rescuer” and “giver,” taking on every responsibility onto yourself all the time and it is beginning to drain you?

If you answered yes to any or many of these questions, this is the right place and space for you to kickstart your healing and transformation.

I look forward to connecting with you.


If you asked me how did I end up transforming from a hardcore corporate executive to an emotional therapist, I guess there is only one sentence to say it all - I just wanted to be truly happy again.

For a long time, I struggled deeply with my emotional issues - from chronic anger to depression. Feeling powerless over these uncontrollable mood swings, I began to resort to many toxic activities as coping mechanisms. Of course, everything got worse and my life began to fall apart.

Barely hanging by the edge of the cliff, I prayed out loud one full moon night. I looked up at the moon with my teary eyes and blurted out "dear moon, I just want to feel happy again, just show me what I got to do".

Little did I realise that this wish manifested into a full-blown journey of spirituality, self-discovery and of course, emotional therapy.

All I wanted was to heal myself but it led me to a life-changing journey into healing works.

I've always believed that everything happens for a reason but until you survive to find out the reason, we need tools to navigate through the rough seas. And that's where I want to offer my support to anyone who is struggling in that journey.

Love & light to you always,



Healing From Dysfunctional Family 


Dysfunctional families are laden with emotional and behavioural issues. From the obvious ones such as addiction, violence and abuse to the oblivious ones such as negative parenting, broken marriage, money-dramas and gender bias.


It may seem unsurprising to an outsider, the implications of a dysfunctional family towards one's wellbeing and success. However, it is usually not the case for the adult child entangled in the dysfunctional story itself.


It is this lack of deep awareness and self-realisation that often create the most sufferings for the adult child especially when it comes to their intimate love life and/or career experience.