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If you have to choose between being right and being kind, choose kind.



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Kindness started Shan Living.


All I dreamed of was to do something that can remind the world to be more compassionate, especially towards self. It is only when we are gentle with ourselves that we can be gentle to the world.

Over the years, the vision and mission of Shan Living have continued to evolve around the spirit of "living kindly". From private sessions to group classes, personal to corporate programs, we have certainly gone one full circle to understand deeper the core needs in healing the body, mind and spirit.


Emotional wellbeing has become more urgent than ever. We see growing demands on therapies and counselling in both adults and sadly, young children as well. Recently I have taken a short break to get involved in a children's school and it was troubling to see the state of stress amongst our children these days, accompanied by intensely competitive parents.

What we need is not just more talented and compassionate therapists but also more coping mechanisms, consciousness and intelligence to be the master of our own wellbeing.

While personal healing work is still the core of my passion, this year Shan Living will be expanding its energy field into more courses and workshops to discuss themes around emotional healing and resilience. 


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Healing Identity Wounds

After years of healing with my clients, I realised that access to emotional wellbeing has to start with self-consciousness. The practice of meditation and mindfulness may not be enough, we need to also embark on active self-discovery. When we know our true selves better and deeper, it becomes easier for us to embrace our emotions and navigate better through our inner struggles.

And part of the self-discovery journey is getting to know our identity wounds - the pain of being seperated from who we truly are deep down in our Souls. 

What caused this gap to widen as we live our lives? How can we reconnect again? These are key topics that I will be sharing more with you.

Identity wound is not new but it is becoming a rising phenomenon in our present world. With social media, social stigmas, and social expectations, many of us have become more and more disassociated from our authentic selves, following down paths that are almost never aligned with our own greatest joy, passion and talent. We see people hating their jobs, their spouse and their body. We see people losing hope and meaning in life. With such dread - stress, anxiety and depression follow, bringing down our wellbeing.

Do check out for upcoming talks and workshops!

Birth Chart Discovery

I love to incorporate astrological birth chart reading during my therapy and coaching sessions whenever my clients are open to exploring this ancient wisdom. And I was often amazed at how it enabled my clients to gain instant clarity and thus, inspiration to move forward. 

The beauty of using an astrological birth chart for self-discovery and empowerment is that the findings were all-encompassing and objective, free from the cognitive bias found in most question-and-answer personality tests that tend to box us up in one category type.

Inspired by the powerful results and client feedback, I have finally completed the 8-week course to help you learn the fundamentals of birth chart discovery! I believe that empowerment is always about self-mastery. The more tools and techniques we acquire, the better we can navigate through our own life destinies.

Course preview sessions will be held, if you're interested to explore, do sign up!


Corporate Programs

With pandemic constraints over, Shan Living will also be re-activating our corporate arm, offering exciting mindfulness and emotional-wellbeing programs and team-bonding activities. If you are also an employer, team manager or HR personnel interested in such programs, do head over to our corporate section.

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Time for Change

2023 is a year of radical change, to act on all the dreams and plans that we have all put on hold for several years. Let us all do our very best, through self-care and compassion, to make this planet earth school a more delightful place to learn, live, love and be kind. 






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Feeling trapped in your emotions? Come with me and find out how The Emotion Code can help you release and reclaim your emotional freedom and bliss.

Silvia Siow | Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotional Healing With The Emotion Code

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