Thriving With Mindfulness

2020 had kickstarted a new world order with a big crisis.

Perhaps the bigger challenge is not just living with the virus but living with our Mind.

Staying mindful in our life has become more important than ever to deal with our daily stress test. 

If you are looking to kickstart your mindfulness regime through meditation and healing, I look forward to supporting you in this journey.

With Love & Light,

Silvia Siow

Founder of Shan Living


A special daily video series dedicated to cheer on Singapore, as we embrace our one month circuit breaker. Each day, we will set a new intention and learn meditation together, to ride through the storm. #SGUnited.

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Learn To Meditate

Meditation practice had survived the world evolution and had remained in the center of all pursuits to happiness and enlightenment, even in this modern times.

There are hundreds of different meditation techniques out in the world but all of them produce the same effect - inner peace.

When the mind and heart is still, we regain clarity to our life, restore balance to our wellbeing and receive bliss in our daily experiences.

It is such a simple exercise but yet so powerful. Are you ready for this self-mastery?

Take Care Of Yourself

Meditation is a spiritual quest, a mind-training tool and the best self-care you can give to yourself. The list of benefits are endless but only if you truly appreciate and dedicate to this practice.

When was the last time you sat with yourself and paid attention to your soul?

Sit With Silvia

Let me help you begin your journey.

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Get To Know Me.

Every meditator has their  own unique personality and needs. ​

Book a 30 min session with me and experience my coaching style.

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