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Meditation Is So Difficult!

The biggest hindrance to practising meditation is boredom. No Mind likes nothingness, stillness and silence. Our Mind is so used to an action-packed life that the thought of doing nothing, for even 5 minutes, is a great put off. And since we have diligently trained our Mind to be a super multi-tasker, it will take quite a while for us to un-train it.


Transformation is possible but it’s not going to be a highspeed rail.

To make this road trip easier for beginners, I have developed a few simple and fun meditations for you to appease the Mind. Once the Mind experiences pleasure, it will become more receptive to the continual participation in a task that it used to resist before. The more you practise, a new habit will develop and you will discover a whole new dimension of your once untamable Mind.

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