Week #2: Managing Stress From Workplace

Updated: Jun 8, 2020


Last week, we all kickstarted our mindfulness journey by reconnecting with our breaths. This week, we are going to further make use of our healing breaths to induce deep relaxation for our body and mind.

As a revenue team, we are in a unique position in the company where we are often sandwiched between our external and internal stakeholders. Besides handling the pressure from our clients, we also need to deal with the intricacy of getting support from internal operations, product and different functional teams.

What are some of the stresses you are facing from the workplace? We look forward to hearing from your personal sharing.



Workplace stress can range from smaller daily stressors such as IT issues with laptop, bad internet connections, slow or no response after submitting a help ticket, back-to-back meetings, submitting daily or weekly reports.

And, to larger stressors such as poor communication culture, lack of recognition, limited learning and career advancement, conflicts with colleagues and more.

Combined together, these stresses can weigh us down and affect our performance at work, including our work satisfaction.

Your Stressors Want To Get Your Attention

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to our inner thoughts and emotions that are generated during sub-consciousness.

By allocating a quiet time each day, we allow our mind to settle down and pay attention to the stressors that are trying to get our attention.

The effort of "attention" in itself seems to have the magical power to dissolve the stressors instantaneously.

Letting Go Of Your Stressors

Here is an easy 4-step process you can apply during your meditation regime to let go of your stress baggage. As you release, your body and mind start to relax, returning to inner balance.

  • STEP 1: Each time a stressful thought pops into your head, take a deep breath in and identify the stress (e.g. This is a stress related to my earlier conversation with my manager. or This is a stress caused by my frustration of lack of support)

  • STEP 2: Now, identify the emotions attached to that stressful thought (e.g. I feel offended. I feel helpless. I feel unloved, unsupported)

  • STEP 3: Upon recognising this stressor, transform the negativity into positive vibes by saying this to your stressor: "I accept this stress with gratitude. Your purpose is served and you may go now with my full permission. Thank you."

  • STEP 4: Anchor your mind on your breaths. Each time your exhale, watch the stressor gradually diminishing (You can visualise the stressor as a small ball of white light and watch it slowly disappear)

This technique uses a combination of positive words and visualisation to release your stress with mindful breathwork.

Try to do it in a slow pace and comfortable ambience.

If you are dealing with a particular stressor that is bothering you deeply, you can also set yourself for a 7-day regime to repeat this exercise on the same stressor.


Here's a preview of what you'll be practising in this week's class, these exercises are meant to release your tension to achieve optimum relaxation.

  1. Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

  2. Triple Burner Meridian Tracing

  3. 3 Cycles Breathing (Discover the secret to longevity)

  4. Ladder Breathing

  5. Hiss Breathing

  6. Body Scan Guided Meditation

To fully enjoy the class, I strongly encourage you to try sitting on the ground with yoga mat, floor cushions or stacked blankets. When we bring our sit bones closer to the earth, it helps immensely in creating the grounding for your practice.

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Dear App Annies, if you have any question regarding the exercises or the topic, feel free to leave your comments below, I will be sure to reply them. Otherwise, you can also email me at shan@shan-living.com

Love & Light,


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