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Sitting With Bliss - 3 Tips To Start Your Meditation Right

Meditation shouldn't be painful.

Many meditators struggle with pain rather than enjoy the bliss during their meditation. I am one of them too. I thought perhaps this is precisely the intention, to create so much harshness and pain for the body and mind, so that it will surrender finally.

In the dharma stories, Buddha put himself through 7 years of hardship, believing that this is the path to enlightenment. He meditated day and night, surviving only on one pine nut a day.

In the end he was so weak that nothing was attained.

From extravagant palace life as a prince to extreme deprivation as a monk, Buddha realised that neither way is the right way to bliss. And that's how he derived at the first awakening of "the middle path".

That is also the key to a blissful sit meditation experience.

Here are 3 tips to set yourself right to start your meditation regime:

1. Having The Right Attitude

Similar to Yoga, Meditation is not a competitive or vanity sport. It is not about challenging yourself to the longest hour of sitting or difficult pose. If all you are desiring is to sit longer hours, you will find yourself trapped in the ego-mind again. Setting the right intention for your practice will enable you to truly appreciate the process.


Meditation is simply a time to sit with yourself, in silence and loving kindness. So that you may see your inner truth and hear your inner voice, once again.


2. Allowing The River To Flow Within You

The most common mistake in meditation trying not to to think or move. Having this goal created tons of resistance within the mind and ending up feeling more frustrated then ever.


Meditation is simply paying attention inwards, observing without self-judgement and acknowledging without doubt. Allow the thoughts to flow in and out of your mind, watch them and then just let them go.


3. Understanding Your State of Being

Imagine someone suffering from headache, will you ask him to pray to ease the pain or take a painkiller first? Sometimes, it's just pure common sense. If we are in a state of mind which is hyper active, worrying about a deadline, anxious about an outcome, it is not easy to sit still in silence. (Unless you are already a seasoned meditator, that can "zone off" in a split second.)

Hence, there are many meditation methods available out there to cater to different state of mind and needs. You can make use of sounds, colour, scent, images and more to create the right meditation regime for the right impact.


Use different Meditation techniques for different state of mind. You will enjoy the process more and see greater results.


About The Author

Silvia is a passionate holistic coach and therapist. Her engaging and creative personality makes traditional meditation, fun and easy for the contemporary minds. She specialises in personalised coaching for mindfulness and meditation. She is also a certified Emotion Code™ practitioner for those who are seeking emotional healing. Silvia founded Shan Living Mindfulness Studio in Singapore, her beloved hometown. Her warmly exclusive services are available both in-studio and online, catering to busy city dwellers.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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