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Harnessing The Power Of Emotions Beyond Feelings

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

"The butterfly flapped its wings and created a typhoon half-way round the globe." - Chaos Theory | Butterfly Effect

I was mesmerised by this theory the first time I read it. There is such profound resemblance between the chaos theory and our emotional system. Just like the butterfly flap, a flicker of our mood can lift our day or sink it. Such a minor action but carries such great power.

We have all witnessed the destructive side of emotions through stress, anxiety and depression. These chronic emotions carry the power to paralyse one's life, even to the extend of overpowering one's wish to live.

We are also familiar with the pain of an emotionally-charged family, workplace and relationships where emotions run high in the everyday lives, causing endless drama and unhappiness.

But if that is all we know about our emotions, we have absolutely under-estimated, under-utilised and even ignorantly abused this beautiful gift that has bestowed upon us on the day we were born.

It was through the emotional roller coaster ride of my own healing journey and my healing works with my clients that I made the huge discovery of the other positive side of emotions.

Emotional power can be destructive but it is even more transformative than we can ever imagine. If we learn to master our emotional power and apply it to our greater good, our life can be changed for the better.

It is my intention in this article to share with you the power of emotions beyond feelings, how you can harness this power and use it for your life transformation.

If the insights resonate with you, come join me in the upcoming webinar on 16 & 18 Sep to deep-dive further into the power of emotions. More details can be found at the end of the article.

So, let's begin our exploration by tapping into the power of emotions beyond feelings.


In my first lecture of training to be a certified Emotion Code™ practitioner, I was expecting to learn the definition of emotions. Instead, Dr. Bradley Nelson began by explaining what energy is and how emotional energy can change molecular structures. He later went on to talk about our subconscious mind and how it is the central databank in storing all of our emotional memories and experiences.

I was blown away by this opening introduction because all of my life, I had only understood emotions as feelings and sensations triggered by our five senses.

As my knowledge expanded beyond this mechanical view of emotions, I found myself entering a whole new relationship with my emotional function.

The existence of emotions serves a larger purpose than just being a sensational function. Our emotions are not meant to control us, trap us or make us suffer. In fact, they are present in our life for a significant role as an enabler.

Here are some of the interesting ways, how our emotions are enabling our life.

1. Emotions Are Signals Of Our Body, Mind and Spirit

Our body, mind and soul speak to us through emotions.

When a part of our physical body is unwell, we can feel our emotions going downhill. We feel tired and full of negativity. Our physical pain can even turn into frustrations and anger.

Our mind are pre-occupied with thoughts and self-critics. When our internal dialogue become toxic or overwhelming, we can feel it. We become tensed, stressed, worried and fearful.

Our spirit is the non-physical form of ourselves, it carries passions, dreams, life purpose, truths, love and grace. When we are disconnected with our inner soul, we can feel the unexplainable emptiness. We feel despair and discouraged about life and living, we feel lost and confused in our daily doings.

Every emotion is trying to tell us something about ourselves. Elevated emotions want us to celebrate and appreciate while depressing emotions is signalling some things need to be fixed or re-aligned.

If we start learning to take cues from our emotions, rather than ignore them, emotions can become our greatest compass in life.

2. Emotions Bring Balance To Our Dynamic Life

We are faced with unexpected circumstances everyday in our life. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Our emotional power is like the paddle in our hand to keep our boat steady and moving.

When a situation gets us down, we can utilise inspiring emotions such as patience, courage, gratitude, hope to keep us up.

When we become too big-headed over our success, we can ground ourselves with contentment, kindness, joy to keep ourselves on track.

When we are hurt by someone, we can heal our heart with compassion, self-love and grace.

Emotions are like potions and if we learn to use them like the alchemist, we become empowered to ride through the waves in our life, no matter what rocks our boat.

3. Emotions Is The Reason Everything Comes To Life

There will be no wars and violence in the world if emotions don't exist. But that will mean no love, joy and peace either.

Without anything, the world is nothing.

If the world is nothing, where is life?

Emotion is the only reason everything comes to life. Our emotions enable experience to be created and lived.

We remember wedding days because of joy, we miss the vacations because of excitement, we tear up recalling the heartbreak because of grief and sadness.

Without emotions, the world will be a zombie land, our life will be empty and we will just be human bodies cruising through life without any meaning.

4. Emotions Have The Power To Change Realities

Our thoughts create reality but it is our emotions that make it real. Together, our thoughts and emotions can rewrite our life story.

Louise Hay, the godmother of positive thinking, overcame her terminal cancer and lived through to her 90s, bringing strength and hope to countless lost souls who are battling with their own illness.

Eddie Jaku and Edith Eger, both survivors of the Holocaust managed to make it out of the most horrendous concentration camps and made themselves into inspiring authors and speakers through their courageous positivity. In fact, Eddie Jaku gave his book a title that few of us would dare to claim - The Happiest Man On Earth.

Two little Rwanda sisters, seeking refuge in Hong Kong, inspired me and changed my life forever, with their joyful and grateful hearts, despite the hardship that no children should be put through.

Every day, in every way, an emotional change is re-writing life destinies of those who refuse to let negativity get them down. When we take back the power of emotions, we take back control of our life experience.


If we dig deeper into every human problem on earth, we will realise that 80% of the problem is emotional-based and the rest are just technicalities.

Whether it is marriage on the rocks, an unsatisfying job, financial woes, health crisis or a dysfunctional family, the thing that make them problematic is mostly the hard emotions that come with them.

What we are struggling with truly and deeply, is actually our emotional pain.

That brings out the point that if we resolve the emotional challenges around the problem, the problem will eventually get resolved itself.

That is why, by being emotionally empowered is the self-mastery that everyone needs to acquire, to become the real master of one's own life success.

And here is a 3-step framework of how you can set yourself on the path to emotional empowerment.

Step 1: Clearing Your Unhealthy Emotional Patterns

Emotional patterns are recurring reactions that are often triggered especially in subconsciousness. It had become such a habitual reaction that we don't even recognise when there is one.

A great example is someone getting defensive when listening or communicating, feeling offended and threatened easily. When such an unhealthy emotional pattern occurs, there is usually an underlying reason caused by a negative past experience. This experience may have caused this person to feel insecure and unsafe, hence the need to protect oneself all the time.

In the healing works, we call them "emotional wounds".

All of us carry inner wounds that have been created through big and small unpleasant experiences. This could range from an unhappy childhood, bullying, a toxic relationship, a failure, unexpected deaths or traumas.

When we fail to manage these emotional crisis during and/or after the event, these "unhealed" emotional wounds stay on our body and mind and the pain continue to get projected onto future events and people that we acquaint with.

Clearing away our unhealthy emotional patterns is equivalent to undergoing a full detox program before we can commence on our transformative process. We will need to remove as much of our emotional blockers as possible in order to clear the path for the next step.

Step 2: Deepening Your Emotional Awareness

Emotions only become a bane more than a boon when it is not accompanied by awareness. When we are unaware, we lose sight of it and lose control.

The evolvement of our quick-pace, high-pressure lifestyle and the proliferation of digital technologies have inevitably distracted and distant ourselves from our inner senses. We are more aware about the gossiping on the next table than the dialogues going on in our head.

On the path to emotional empowerment, regaining self-awareness is a critical step that will help you on a quantum leap towards true emotional liberation. When we acquire self-awareness, we can catch our thoughts and emotions so fast that before it can send the ripples off, we cut the waves.

Imagine stopping a forest fire, the fireman breaks the fire path before it gets there.

Before we sink into our dark emotions of stress, anxiety and depression, dwelling in the unfortunate past, worrying about problems of the future, we nip the sparks of these spiralling thoughts and emotions before they even fire up.

To obtain this skill, we have to learn the art of paying attention. Whether it is meditation, mindfulness or breathwork, all these practices are trying to achieve one thing, reuniting us with our senses, our body, mind and our source.

Step 2: Mastering Your Emotional Powers

Emotional empowerment is the effortless command of your emotions, regardless in perfect weather or perfect storm.

Imagine riding stress on its back to reach greater heights.

Imagine holding anxiety by its leash to build strength and courage.

Imagine uplifting depression in both arms to touch the sky.

Imagine feeling contented even after happiness wears off.

Imagine living with love, joy, trust and an awakened spirit.

Behind every emotional conquest is a hidden transformational engine that is waiting for us to use it.

If you are ready to ride the waves, I am going to share with you 3 guiding principles that can help you kickstart your mastery.

The "3 Always"

  1. We always have a choice to choose our emotions no matter what the circumstances are

  2. We will always succeed when we feel good because elevated emotions always stimulate flow and harmony

  3. We can always change the experience of our life by changing our emotions around it

Remember these "3 always" and imprint them into your heart. Overturn your old beliefs about emotional struggles and rekindle your relationship with your emotions.

From healing to mastery, every phase is a journey that demands dedication, patience, willpower and more importantly self-love. When you love yourself, you find the strength to change, no matter how difficult it feels.

If you are excited and inspired to learn more about emotional empowerment, do join me in an upcoming workshop on 16 & 18 Sep - The Power of Changing Your Emotions.

This is a LIVE webinar, workshop fee is waived for all subscribers and clients of Shan Living. If you are not yet a subscriber, simply go to our homepage to fill in the subscription form.

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Love & light to you always,



Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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