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Do These Exercises To Help You Sit With More Ease

Is pain and discomfort stopping you from meditating?

This breathing exercise combines neck, shoulder, back movements. So while you are enjoying the deep inhalation, you are also softening the muscles in these typical areas that are easily tired during sitting.

We will repeat two sets for each movement.

Round 1 - Solo Breathing / Left and Right

We are going to move the head to the left and right shoulder.

Use Index finger to seal one side of the nostril.

Right index, seal right nose, push head to face left shoulder. Breathe in, Breathe out x 2

Left index, seal left nose, push head to face right shoulder. Breathe in, Breathe out x 2

Round 2 - Solo Breathing / Up and Down

We are going to move the head up to face the sky and down to face the earth.

Use Index finger to seal one side of the nostril.

Right index, seal right nose. Up (breathe in) and Down (breathe out). X 2

Left index, seal left nose. Up and Down. X 2

Round 3 - Ujjayi Breathing / Left and Right

Place your right palm on your left ear. And try to let the other ear touch the shoulder. Breathe in and then breathe out with Ujjayi.

Repeat 2 rounds.

Round 4 - Ujjayi Breathing / Up and Down

Interlock your fingers and place behind the head as if you’re going to do a sit-up. As you press your head down, feel your chin moving inwards to touch your chest.

Stay up first, breathe in and then press it down, breathe out with Ujjayi. X 2

Interlocking your fingers behind the back. We are going to pull our shoulders connected to our upper arms backwards. As we do this, we are going to bend our neck backwards and face the sky. Breathe in as you are doing this, With Ujjayi breath. Now lower your head, moving your chin towards your heart and breathe out. X 2

Great, how do you feel?

Even if you are not going to start your meditation now, I hope this brief exercise has helped re-booted your body to keep you motivated again! Remember your original intention when you first started!


And my sharing on #StayMotivated with one reason!


About The Author

Silvia is a passionate holistic coach and therapist. Her engaging and creative personality makes traditional meditation, fun and easy for the contemporary minds. She specialises in personalised coaching for mindfulness and meditation. She is also a certified Emotion Code™ practitioner for those who are seeking emotional healing. Silvia founded Shan Living Mindfulness Studio in Singapore, her beloved hometown. Her warmly exclusive services are available both in-studio and online, catering to busy city dwellers.


Don't let your emotional health stop you from living a blissful and fulfilled life.

Begin your emotional healing and empowerment today.

Silvia Siow | Emotional Healer & Coach | Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner


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