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I just want to be happy.

How long have you been dealing with the unhappiness in your life?

If your answer is "all the time", I hope what you are going to discover next, will help you navigate your way out of this seemingly eternal rabbit hole, into a life filled with eternal joy and satisfaction.

You can't solve your unhappiness until you resolve the root cause of it.

Emotion healing is an intuitive-based therapy to help you decode your unhappiness by tapping into the trapped emotions you are attaching to your problems.

These trapped emotions include a wide spectrum of feelings from anxiety, depression, insecurity, unworthiness, guilt, shame, pride to terror and more. By distinguishing the emotional attachments associated with your problem, we are then able to work on the next step in tracing back the original source that created these negative emotions.

Dissolve your past to heal your present and change your future.

Whatever unpleasant things we had experienced in the past, they produced baggage of unhealthy emotions. If you had not dealt with them in higher consciousness and positivity, they stay in your emotional system, awaiting for the next opportunity to present themselves again.

If you notice that your life had been encountering repeated patterns, such as attracting the same toxic relationships, getting the same unfulfilling jobs, running into the same life problems, falling sick all the time, they are simply your unresolved trapped emotions manifesting again and again.

To stop this viscous cycle of unhappiness, you need to know what you are still holding onto in your deepest unconsciousness.


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Can you recognise your difficult emotions?

A human experiences over 34,000 different emotions, yet we can hardly describe what we are feeling most of the time.

In Emotion Healing therapy, the key is to help you identify the deepest emotions that troubles your life and to fully understand what those emotions are trying to tell you. The ability to clearly define and express your emotions is a liberating experience and while doing so, you begin to open the first door to into freeing your mind from emotional entrapment.


I don't really know what my problem is, I just feel lack of joy in my life. I have no energy to do anything at all. I feel guilty that I am unable to take care of my son, I am struggling to focus on my work and lately, I started to get into fights with my mum easily. Everything is falling apart...


I finally broke up with my boyfriend, it has been a very toxic relationship, I was abused. But he is still texting me now and I am very confused. I know I am unhappy in the relationship but I am now also very afraid of what is going to happen to me being all alone...


I just got out of a very very nasty job. I knew something was wrong when I was interviewing but the boss was so persuasive that I signed on anyway. And my nightmare began. The workplace was full of toxic colleagues with little moral ethics. And I had to deal with a bipolar boss, my days went by like a roller coaster ride along with his temperament. I quit after 3 months but I still can't get out of my trauma. And worse still, I have totally lost confidence in myself and I'm scared to find the next job.

Most of my clients were able to tell me about their circumstances in great details but when I asked them to describe the emotions, they went into long silence. It was either because it was difficult to describe the overwhelm of emotions or they had gone through the process without much self-awareness of what went on in their head and their heart.

Emotion healing helped them unravelled this big entanglement, breaking down the trapped emotions one by one and finding out the underlying reasons for what happened.

By discovering the answers, they began to change the perception of the situation beyond superficial appearances. Hence, began to gain new clarity and sense of relief.

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Find out how Emotion Healing can help you.

Which emotions are you trapped in?

There is nothing wrong in having negative emotion as it is a natural part of our human design. But it does turn into a problem when you become trapped in it. Emotional Healing is all about dealing with chronic emotions, which you have become attached to them without any awareness for a long time in your life. 


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Trapped emotions come in fifty shades of grey, they can range from light, medium to heavy. Here are just some examples, in the Emotion Healing therapy, we help you identify your associated trapped emotions using a chart of 60 trapped emotions.

The problem with trapped emotion is that, once we are attached to it, it shows up everywhere in our life.


That's why some people seem to encounter betrayals repeatedly in their relationships no matter how many partners they changed. And some are stuck in the resentment of their family, which eventually lead to the resentment from their own children. And many more examples.

By finding out the Trapped Emotions that you are stuck in, be it in love, at work or with family, you begin to understand your unconscious reactions that are the real driving forces in making matters worse and attracting unwanted experiences.

The moment we shine light onto these trapped emotions that are interfering with your happiness, you are well on your way to let go of them and make way for new changes.

Want to find out more about common trapped emotions in the workplace, love life, family and how you can cope with them with Emotion Healing? Click to read more.  

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Find out how Emotion Healing can help you.


The Source



8 years old

"The trapped emotion of "panic" traced back to an event when you were 8, can you remember anything?"

"Yes, my father came home drunk. He had been out of job and mum wanted a divorce. I knew he was very angry. And I still remember how I locked myself in the bedroom crying."

23 years old

"The trapped emotion of "lack of control" traced back to an event when you were 23, does it ring a bell?"

"Oh wow. I guess it was related to my breakup. My boyfriend had cheated on me and we went through a really horrible fight. He was threatening me and harassing me all the time. My family was upset with me and that was also the time my mum fell very sick, I had to quit my job to look after her."

18 years old

"The trapped emotion of "unworthy" traced back to an event when you were 18, did something happen?"

"I was trying very hard to get into the junior college I wanted but failed. And I ended up in a another school which I hated. But I managed to get into the top class. The irony was that the class was full of smart students and I was bullied and teased all the time by the lecturer and classmates. I cried all the time feeling so useless."   

In the Emotion Healing process, one critical step is to trace back to the original source where the trapped emotion was first created. The above are snippets of therapy sessions where my clients find out about the original source of their trapped emotion.

These tracing usually lead us to some unpleasant past experiences involving school, work, dating, marriage, family crisis or health issues but it can also go as far back as childhood days.

More than often, these findings surprised my clients deeply as they thought they were long gone and the scars long healed. Well, the fact that these memories re-surfaced during the tracing showed that none of them were properly resolved but simply supressed.


The most common way that all of us deal with pain is to walk away by "not thinking about it" or using another toxic distraction to "make it go away". While these tactics helped ease our pain at that moment, our negative emotions had been contained within instead of released.

Tracing back gives us a chance to re-define the experience and perform a final closure to detach from the associated trapped emotions permanently.   

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Find out how Emotion Healing can help you.

Connecting The Dots

To Find The Reason

Every trapped emotion has a transcendental lesson to be learned.

Sometimes, in one therapy session, we may uncover 2 to 3 trapped emotions for a specific issue, depending on the severity, it can go up to 8 or 10. However, the number does not matter because every trapped emotion provides a significant life lesson to be learned and an opportunity to reset! Remember, the true purpose of our trapped emotions is not to destroy us but to transcend us into greater realisation of how we can regain self-empowerment to change what we do not feel good about. 


A client who had divorced once, was into her second marriage. The first marriage ended because the husband was lazy and relied totally on her to support the family. She finally plucked the courage to leave him but immediately entered another relationship. "At least this one has a job", that's what she thought.

But soon after their first baby was born, her husband was fired and had been idling around ever since. So, she is back to the grind of being the only breadwinner and mother of three kids (two from her previous marriage).


Carrying tremendous rage, frustrations and anger, she struggled to make sense of her painful viscous cycle of marrying the wrong man.


The Emotion Healing session identified several trapped emotions she was attached to for this specific issue and one of them was "worthless".

The tracing brought us back to an event in her childhood days. There was one image that kept flashing back, the sight of her heavily pregnant mum kneeling on the floor, mopping away. She can vividly hear her sniffing the tears in her nose. 


Her mother had passed away one year ago from terminal illness. "She had a hard life", my client said. "What for?" "All her life she gave to the husband and children, and she died joyless" "I'll never want to live a life like hers" "but yet, here I am… going through the same misery."


Apparently, the event of witnessing how her mother suffered had become her unconscious belief that women always sacrifice and everything she does ends up "worthless". 

As we dove deeper into the session, we were able to see how she had been projecting this trapped emotion of feeling "worthless" into many aspects of her life aside from her marriage. Even in her work, she was retrenched after dedicating many years into the job. And she had broken her ties with her siblings who see her as a failure. Her life had crumbled into a mess.

We worked through her trapped emotions across several sessions and we uncovered the hidden reasons that led to her present life experiences.

As we connected the dots of her life situation, her trapped emotions began to dissolve. For the first time, the pain on her right shoulder was gone and she could breathe easily again.

With her newfound strength, we begin to work on picking up the pieces starting from re-defining her worthiness. Few months later, she found a new job that she really liked. Although her marriage is still on the rocks, she knew she had to focus on self-love first and trust that eventually everything will work out just fine.




*Some facts had been masked for privacy 

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Find out how Emotion Healing can help you.

Release your trapped energy for good


A large part of Emotion Healing requires our realisation that ,what we are dealing with is actually the energy form of our trapped emotions. 

Imagine your body as a delicate glass jar container and your trapped emotions as polluted gas emitted from toxic events. As we continue to create and manifest more and more, the jar will soon get stuffy, misty, dark and eventually become overwhelmed and explode.

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To truly heal from the trapped emotions, we need to release these toxic energies stored in our inner being. By releasing them, we create space in our heart, our mind, our life again to receive strength, joy and lovingness.

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Find out how Emotion Healing can help you.

Emotion Healing Therapy


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