How Emotional Pain Creates Toxic Behaviour

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

How does emotional pain turn into poison? And exactly, what kind of poisons are we talking about here?

Well, when our emotional pain is hurting, it can spread into all kinds of poison, and that includes physical illness, mental wellness but what I to focus on in this episode, is a poison that tops over these two because it is very widespread nowadays - and that is toxic behaviours.

I am sure you have encountered toxic people in your life and once you have met them, you will want to stay away from them for the rest of your life.. Because you had tasted their capability in making you feel so miserable for the rest of the day and draining away all of your energy to the last drop.

But has it ever come across your mind, how do these people become toxic in the first place? And why do they carry so much negativity? And the million dollar question is, is it possible that we ourselves can turn toxic just like them, if yes, why?

Well the answer to all these questions is the long term suppression of emotional pain.

The emotional pain that is trapped inside us can turn us toxic, turn us ugly and even turn us away from people. Our pain expresses itself through the negative side of us, and that is how people start finding us full of negativity and draining.

So exactly what kind of emotional pain can turn us so venomous?

Well in this article, I am going to share with you 3 of the most toxic emotional pain that many of us carry, and the key toxic behaviours that they can produce in our life.

By bringing awareness to some of these toxic emotions, I hope that while we are all obsessed about learning how to stay away from toxic people, we actually pay more attention to learn the underlying cause of becoming toxic, so that we don’t fall prey to toxic behaviour ourselves.