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Here's The One Reason Why Your Manifestation Isn't Happening Yet.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

So here's the big secret - emotional pain is in every way related to your effectiveness in manifesting what you want.

Most people talk about LOA, focusing a lot on HOW to practise it the right way but few people mentioned about one important point - which is your inner readiness.

If your manifestation is just not happening yet or you have manifested everything opposite from what you want, let me tell you today that - the reason is very simple. Because your emotional pain from the past is blocking the way!

Below are the 3 ramifications of how our old emotional wounds can get in the way of our manifestation.

#1. Our Emotional Pain Delays Our Manifestation

This is probably the most common frustration from people who are working on manifestation. They ask and ask, waited and waited, but nothing happens.

This could be getting the dream guy, the dream job, winning a lottery, buying the dream house, or getting rid of an illness. We waited for so long but nothing ever happens.

So, this scenario really make us question the accuracy of LOA. Doesn’t it state that whatever we hold in our mind, we attract it into our life? So why is our request not answered.

Well my dear beautiful people, that’s because there are other interfering and contradicting requests that are also being held in our mind at the same time.

For example, we may still be carrying an emotional wound from a toxic relationship in the past, and now as we are trying to manifest on a better man to enter our love life, an inner conflict is happening at the same time.

We could be still holding on to the painful emotions of fear, anxiety, shame, abandonment, unworthiness from the previous toxic relationship. And that makes us doubtful about getting into a healthy one.

If it is hard to imagine or even believe, then this subconscious resistance, begin to cancel out our desire for meeting our dream guy that is kind, loyal, successful and wholesome.

Another example is someone who quit their previous job because of complete burnout.

That emotional pain memory still lingers in the subconsciousness if left unhealed.

The past emotions such as panic, overwhelm, unsupported, discouragement, create an invisible wall around us to prevent us from feeling inspired and hopeful about our new job again.

And this becomes a shadow blocker in attracting the next new job because the lack of faith cancels out the new hope we are trying to regain.

So now you know that our past pain can be the reason in delaying our manifestation, I want you to take a pause and think about whether this scenario applies to you? Is there something that you are wishing for but has yet to come? If yes, it is time you start to work on removing all the emotional pains that are blocking your way.

#2. Our Emotional Pain Manifest The Right Thing At The Wrong Time

Now who gets this point? What can be the problem when we finally get what we want and how can it be at the wrong time if our universe is giving it to us? What does wrong timing means?

Let me share with you a personal story.

I have had my fair share of toxic relationships throughout my lifetime. But there was at least ONE relationship, that I had experienced in my younger days, which was almost perfect.

He was everything that I was attracted to. He was smart, humourous, kind, loving, inspiring and genuine. Our relationship was easy. We never ever had any conflict.

We share the same passion in travelling and eating, we both loved Europe, especially Italy, my dream country. We can talk day and night about anything under the sun, from digital technology to food, to even spirituality and life.

So this relationship was perfectly what I had manifested. BUT the problem is, he came into my life at the wrong time.

At that point, I was really stuck in the dark night of my soul. Well basically, I was going through a lot of emotional pain from the past, feeling trapped, feeling lost, feeling depressed about life. And I have utterly no control over my chaotic inner world. Apparently, I was still wounded from a lot of my old memories and fighting.

So eventually, I self-sabotaged my perfect manifestation as I grew greedy, discontented and dis-satisfied. I started to pick on fights, complain a lot and finally we had to end the relationship.

And when the whole thing ended, although I felt mentally and physically free again. I fell deeper into pain. I started to resent myself for not cherishing the good things in my life. I tried very hard to look for another guy who is like him but this toxic intention did nothing much but lead me into more and more wrong guys.

So the whole manifestation that came true, at the wrong time, when I was not ready, not healed, not whole. I was in pain, I was totally not loving myself and my life. This entire - manifesting the right thing at the wrong time - simply created more regrets and pain into my life.

I'm not sure if any of you experienced the same thing as I did? If yes, do share with me in the comments below.

It took me a long time to figure out why will I sabotage my own happiness and it was really until I become an emotion healer, that I finally found the answer -which was my old emotional wounds.

And now that I am fully healed and healthy again, the true love of my life has appeared once more. So if you are going to ask me what is a right timing. Well, it will be the time when you are completely healed of the pain from your past.

Now, manifesting the right thing at the wrong time can be bad but this last scenario is worse.

#3. Our Emotional Pain Manifest The Wrong Things Into Our Life

Oh god, this is really painful when we manifest the wrong things into our life. The Chinese has a saying for this - it's like inviting a wolf into our house, to ransack our place, eat our food, make a mess, steal our things and leave us behind as a victim.

And I really want to emphasise this so much, my dear beautiful people. If you are obviously still healing your emotional wounds from the past, please be really careful if you are practising law of attraction or manifestation.

The LOA will always always give us what we want. And there are two instructions it will look out from us. One, what is the form? Two, what is the experience?

So form is relatively easy to understand - a dream lover, a dream job, a dream bank account.

But experience is more subjective, and LOA tends to look at our emotions as indicators and clues to what we expect for this form.

For example, when we ask for a dream lover, what are the emotions that we harbour during the moment of our requests? Is it lovingness or is it loneliness? Is it wholesome or is it broken? Is it peaceful or is it fearful? Is contented or is it greed and lust?

So the combination of the form and the experience or the associated-emotions, create what we will attract to our door.

One great example, something all of you have heard it a thousand times is the case of repeatedly attracting the same toxic guy into our love life.

Law of attraction worked successfully in the first place, following our instruction, by bringing a lover into our life.

But it also taps into our emotions to decipher what is the experience we expect in order to select the lover that is to be sent to us.

So if we are still healing the emotional pain especially from a previous broken relationship. And is suffering from the pain of feeling lonely, abandoned, unloved, unappreciated…

and we sort of subconsciously, sprinkled these emotions onto our request for a new lover. I am sure I don’t have to elaborate further. But yes, your lover will appear at the door, bringing you all the emotions that you subconsciously requested.

Another example is manifesting on wealth.

Someone who holds a lot of fear towards poverty, always worrying about the lack or not enough. When they finally manifested the wealth into their life, they are haunted by the fear of losing it all the time. And worse still, the incoming wealth might even destroy the happiness he was originally having in his life.

There are many wrong things we can manifest into our life when we are still hurting in our heart. So please make sure to remember that a manifestation request is defined by two parts - the form and the experience.

It is easy to articulate what you want in the form, but your universe will take cue from your emotions to complete the equation for you. And send you the things you wanted but not in the right size, shape and colour, for your highest joy.


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