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Remove Your Life Blockers

By Unblocking The 7 Chakra System

unblock your life

If your life is just floating, it isn't flowing.


Stress, anxiety, exhaustion, unhappiness are all signs of blocked energies. These trapped energies are always trying to find an outlet by manifesting into bodily pains and life obstacles.


Learn how to release these trapped energies through the 7 Chakra system, a traditional energy healing wisdom from ancient India dating back 3000 years ago.


This is a rare learning and experiential workshop where you will learn to feel your own energy, diagnose your life blockers and release them through the 7 Chakra system.

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Your Life

To Flow...

Release Old Fear Receive New Power

what are life blockers








These are the 7 blockers that were indicated in the Chakra system.


By knowing which of these show-stoppers we have subconsciously carried in our lives, we can better understand why we are going through the life experiences that is falling short of our expectations. 

When we release them from our energy life, we receive fresh new power to begin our new manifestations.

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where do blockers show up

Love Life


Financial Wealth





Spinning The Wheel Of Fortune


Chakra means “spinning disk or wheels”, as these wheels spin, they radiate energy throughout our inner body to nourish and maintain our overall wellness.


However, our everyday thoughts, emotions and actions can create disruptions to these energy flow, that is how consequently, some or all of the energy centers will become blocked.

what is chakra

Our holistic wellbeing lies in the healthy flow and circulation of energy within our inner body.


The air we breathe in, the food we consume, the emotions we experience, they all transform into energies that either uplift our life or pull us down.

Chakra system is an ancient old tradition in Hinduism to understand how such energy flows within our body and how the imbalances affect quality of our life. This school of thoughts had since spread across the globe into both eastern and western cultures due to its high resonance even in modern lives.

Several healing techniques to restore, open and cleanse the chakras have also since emerged, and you will be learning them in the workshop.

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Unblock Yourself Through Each Chakra

Our 7 Chakra System

open your chakras

The 7 Chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.


The lower chakras deal with our physical needs, middle chakras manage our emotions and the higher chakras take care of our mental and spiritual growth.


Each of the chakras can be unblocked by their corresponding colour and sound frequency vibration.

shutterstock_1212885784_7 Chakras.png



Root Chakra

"The Victim" Archetype

Root chakra is an earth chakra that deals with survival, security and sense of belonging.


It is blocked when there is presence of fear such as  fear of loneliness, getting sick, death, losing job, poverty, etc.

The archetype of an imbalanced root chakra is “The Victim” with a victimised mindset, always trapped in the mentality for blaming others as the source of their own misfortune.  Life appears to be tough and beyond control.


Root Chakra

By restoring balance to the root chakra, there will be stronger sense of security and groundedness, becoming assertive instead of passive. You regain control of your life and have the willpower to change your destiny.

You will get to learn in great details of each chakra in the workshop. Such knowledge creates higher self-empowerment to find the right healing path for oneself.

Diagnose Your Life Blockers And Release Them

Diagnose Your Own 7 Chakra System

learn this self-empowering technique

We are energy, everything is energy.


Acquiring the knowledge and gift of energy work  is probably the most powerful skill one could have. 

When you are able to manage your life beyond the physical boundaries and standards set up by the society and your subconscious mind, you start living a fuller life.   

In the workshop, you will be learn how to check your Chakra centers, diagnose and interpret your life blockers.


We will map these findings onto your area of concerns such as your love life, family, work, finances, health and success.

We are All




Manifesting Your New Life 


10AM - 5PM

Unblock Your Life

Through 7 Chakra System


How To Manifest

In The

Righteous Way

Complete your journey

The workshop will end with the most important keynote - manifesting your new wishes.


Manifestation is not empty wishes, they should be needs-based, authentic and aligned with your life intention.

Learn a 3-step process to figure out the right manifestation to reset your current life blockers.

You will also be taught how to create a daily affirmation to reinforce your manifestation.

So are you ready to start changing your life?

Safe Space

This is an exclusive workshop experience. Each workshop only admits 3 students. This enables more privacy, more space and more personal attention from the guiding teacher/healer.

If you wish to take this course as a fully private and personalised experience with 1-1 guidance, you can also opt for the private option.

Morning Session

Enter The World of Energy & Chakras

Image by Lucas Benjamin

Part 1

What are Chakras and how do they affect our life physically, emotionally and mentally. Were our Chakras opened when we were born and how did they become closed?

Image by Lucas Benjamin

part 2

Get to know in details the 7 major Chakras, their elements and archetypes. Be surprised by how this ancient knowledge resonate in our modern day living

Image by Nathan Roser

part 3

Find out how each blocked Chakras create disruptions in our lives. Is there a way to re-activate them and maintain it permanently?

lunch break

Food For Your Chakras

Image by Anna Pelzer


Chakra Booster Lunchset

7 Chakra Energy set lunch will be served for lunch. You will also learn the recipe and the right food for nourishing each Chakra.

afternoon Session

Let Your Power Begin

Sunrise Tour

Part 1:

You will be taught and guided to find out which of your Chakras are out of balanced using the technique of muscle-testing and energy-sensing


part 2:

An in-depth and detailed diagnosis of how your Chakra imbalances are affecting a specific aspect of your life (e.g. love, career, money, success, health). Derive the lessons to be learned behind these issues

The Leap

part 3:

Using 3 techniques (Sound & Colour, Crystals & Tapping) to reactivate blocked Chakras. 

You will be guided to a private meditation on self-compassion and confession to let go of the past and reset the future.

A 7-day daily affirmation statement will also be created to continue your new manifestation 

bring them home

And Continue Your Journey



Healing Chakra Crystals Set

Crystals are useful tools to unblock Chakras. You will be given a set of Chakra Crystal set and learn how to use them in enhancing and maintaining the balance of your Chakra system.



Handmade Chakra Bracelet specially for you

I have personally handmade these Chakra bracelets, blessed with healing energies. They will also be given to you during the workshop. You will be taught how to activate them to assist you in your transformation journey.


Free: Personalised Video to guide you further

I will personally prepare a personalised guided chakra meditation video based on your healing needs discovered during the workshop and will send to you in the next 5-7 working days after the workshop


Free Up Your Day

Unblock Your Life

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