Emotion Therapy

With The Emotion Code™


Self-care starts from within.


When we take care of our heart and mind, we experience real bliss. 

And the very first step is to release the emotional baggage and blockers that we've knowingly or unknowingly carried within us.

When I first used The Emotion Code™ to deal with my emotional distress many years back, I was immediately blown away by the positive experience.

Not only did it lifted the weight off my body, it also lifted the veil of the underlying reasons that have been stirring up my emotions. 

The Emotion Code™ had changed my life and I had since trained to become a certified practitioner myself, hoping to share this holistic healing with many more others in need.

I have written as much as I can below regarding how this therapy works but if you prefer to ask me directly, feel free to book a complimentary call with me over the phone.

Looking forward to assist you in your self-care journey.

Love & Light,

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner



how does it work

We generate around 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. If each of them carries an emotion, imagine their weight on our body.


When negative emotions from big and small events are not dealt with properly, they become TRAPPED in our energy body and affect our life.

They may manifest into physical illness or challenges in life path.


The purpose of emotion therapy is to identify these trapped emotions to get rid of them from our inner well-being - just like an emotional detox or spring-cleaning.

By releasing them, we create space within to invite new joy and abundance into our life.


This therapy is an integration of positive counselling and holistic energy therapy experience. After you've fully released your trapped emotions, you will feel the immediate uplift.


For deeper needs, more than one session may be required.

Available by in-studio visit or via online.



Dealing with Mental Stress

Overcoming Emotional Issues - Anxieties, Anger, Grief, Worries

Feeling Overwhelmed and Indecisive

Seeking Self-Discovery - Childhood / Growing Up Impacts

Dealing with Sleeping Difficulties

Finding Motivations and Life Purpose

Looking for Relief and Relaxation


No Obligation.

read more about the therapy


The Studio

The therapy session is conducted in my meditation studio located in one of the oldest districts in Singapore.

Our shophouse is over a century old, tall ceiling and carpeted flooring.

The place is sanitised daily and we have also installed a powerful air purifier machine to provide 100% clean air.

Hope you will love the peacefulness of this healing space.

We also provide online services over Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp Video if you will prefer a virtual session.

*Note that safe distancing measures are in place when you visit the studio, we seek your kind patience.

210 Telok Ayer Street

By Appointment Only

Appointments have to be made at least 24 hours in advance. We will be sending you a confirmation with payment instructions upon receiving your reservation.


Every Saturday

Choose Your Timeslot:

10am or 3pm

*If you have other timing request, please feel free to indicate in the booking form.

Every Session is around 2 Hours

Fee: $180

Please Fill In

This Reservation Form

Simply send me the following information and I will email you the booking confirmation and details in the next 24 hours.

Looking forward to meeting you.

For more enquiries, email us at shan@shan-living.com


Book Free Consultation

If you are unsure and would like to find out more. You can book a free 30 mins to discuss over the phone. This can be conducted via various channels, just feel free to let me know your preference.

Facebook Messenger Video Call / Text Chat

Zoom Video Call

Skype Video Call

Whatsapp Video Call / Text Chat

Phone Call

Simply email your request to


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Customer Testimonials

  • Sunflower Close Up


    Without your enormous help, kindness and generosity with your time, I would not have released these trapped emotions and moved forward! This is my 2nd day after our session, and I continue to not feel any heaviness within me the moment I get up in the morning!

  • Sunset Yoga

    Wei Wei

    There was a period when I was irritated and bored with routine, I was just going through the motions with the kids everyday, not doing enough self care, not empowering and validating myself enough in order to feel satisfied and positive about my life. I attended Silvia’s emotion therapy session and through her class and mind re-programming, I find myself being more aware about my own emotions and was able to reframe my miserable thoughts into relatively positive ones. She was very detailed in probing into my deepest thoughts and was very encouraging in helping me to put my complexed thoughts into words. Ever since the class, I’m working on being present everyday, focusing on my positive reaffirmations in being grateful for having the chance to see my kids grow to be great people, and validating my self worth that my husband and family appreciates my effort for contributing to the household in my own ways. I highly recommend anyone who is stuck with life choices or just feeling negative about life at the moment to attend her sessions, as it may give you a brand new revelation about things and hopefully you will feel reinvigorated leaving the class :)

  • Angel Statue

    Angela N

    First time knowing this place through Google and really glad that I decided to join for a few sessions with Silvia. I am grateful for my current self that finally can gradually out from my darkest days. Thank you Silvia for your wisdom, being open, compassionate, and helpful through my life/spiritual journey. It’s really beyond words. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Woman Holding Flower


    Thank you so much for your great session and amazing recap email❤
    Thank you for being so patient with me today. I learned so many things and you gave me life changing valuable lessons!

  • Orchids


    I can’t wait for more session after I settle down again!! You are doing something really wonderful and I am so glad to have experience this. Thank you once again!

  • Stained Glass Painting


    Thank you Silvia for your session! Last night has been one of the best nights for sleep quality for a long time!

  • alicia-steels-mrB45cHDsrM-unsplash.jpg


    We reached out to you for support and guidance as we were going through a difficult time.

    Your guidance helped my daughter to see what she wanted more clearly, thank you so much!

    You truly bring joy to your teaching, and that sets you apart from many, lucky us 🙂

  • Beach Shot


    Thank you so much for your session, I felt so much clarity after a long time. I have shared about my session with you to my husband and he wants to book a session with you too! Hope you will continue to help enlighten our relationship.

  • Looking Out of a Skyscaper


    Hi Silvia, thanks for the session and much appreciated for your advices given . 🙏🏻 Looking forward to connect again.


All materials here are provided for informational or educational purposes only and are not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for, professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Also, I’ll like to remind that as with any alternative healing practices, the results vary across individuals. And usually more than one session maybe required to experience complete effectiveness. This session is also not meant to treat any medical illnesses and replacing any medication or medical treatment.


210 Telok Ayer Street 3rd Floor

Singapore 068643

Email: shan@shan-living.com

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