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Silvia Siow

Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner

My Story

I obtained my Reiki 1 Degree in 2013 and Reiki 2 Degree in 2015 under the training of my Reiki Master – Karen Taylor. I started learning Reiki with the intention to enable my self-healing when I embarked on my soul-searching journey.

At that time, I was facing huge life obstacles and I find it hard to live inside my mind that has no peace. After my first Reiki healing, I experienced an amazing sense of lightness for two weeks. It was a bliss I haven’t tasted for a long while. It also decluttered my mind and allowed me to think clear again. Because of this positive experience, I decided to learn the technique as a coping mechanism to stay afloat.

7 years down the road, with divine calling, I have left the corporate life and become an aspiring energy healer myself. Reiki is all about energy work and it aligns so well with mindfulness and emotion therapy that I have incorporated this healing method in most of my sessions.


What Is



Reiki is a traditional healing technique developed by Mr Mikao Usui back in the 1920s. The practice is also sometimes called “palm healing” as the practitioners hover their palm chakras throughout the energy body to detect and restore imbalances.


Practitioners have to be properly attuned by a Reiki Master under the Reiki lineage of teachers under Mikao Usui.

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