How To Stop Feeling Unworthy And Find Back Your Real Worth

There are a million complicated reasons that created our unhappiness in life. Yet if you do a breakdown and trace them all the way to the root cause, you will realise that they all come down to one singular denominator - feeling unworthy.

In a nutshell, the emotion of unworthiness is the feeling that one is not good enough and hence undeserving of anything good, great or happy.

Unworthiness can further branch out into more self-critical beliefs such as worthlessness (feeling unimportant, of no value and purpose), lack of self-esteem (feeling doubtful of one's ability), self-judgement (the constant obsession to measure oneself) and a long list of self-blame, self-guilt, self-shame and more.

I have been trapped in this unworthy mind for a large part of my life and as I began to awaken from this self-entrapment, I began to see the deceptive innerwork of this toxic emotion.

In this blog, I am going to share with you the source of unworthiness, why it makes us so unhappy and how you can break away from this unhealthy emotional pattern.

If you are unsure whether you are feeling unworthiness, here are some signs you can check-in on yourself:

  • You are afraid to speak your mind. The worry of how you might be embarrassed for saying something wrong overshadows the potential joy of being recognised. Hence, you often choose to keep quiet to play safe

  • You tend to work very hard to please others and gain acceptance but usually you do not feel appreciated in return

  • You often feel unwanted and unimportant especially when it comes to both love relationship and in the workplace. You often feel yourself as an outsider or low-priority person that has to fight very hard to receive love and attention

  • You always have many logical reasons to dissuade yourself from pursuing your dream and doing what you would love despite the obvious fact that you will be so happy going with the choice

  • You are easily triggered by negative remarks with regards to your behaviour, your appearance, your performance and achievements. It is hard for you to control your emotional triggers and you often end up dwelling on it over long period of time

  • You tend to feed on the notion of sacrificing yourself voluntarily as a way to "feel" your existence and to numb the pain inside your heart

  • You fall sick easily and has been dealing with all kinds of physical/mental ailments in your life, some of which have turned chronic. However, instead of active healing and self-care, you tend to just live with them in surrender mode

The emotion of unworthiness can disguise itself in many forms in our regular lives, above are just some examples. If any of these living signs ring a bell, I hope the information and insights you are about to receive in this article can awaken your heart and bring back self-empowerment into your life.