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Shan Living


- Live Kindly - 

Shan Living is a holistic healing space that focuses on emotional health. Our therapy approach and techniques work towards liberating the body and mind from emotional pain and old wounds that are suppressed in the subconscious mind. A unique fusion of intuitive healing, science and coaching, the ultimate aim is to restore emotional balance into the wellbeing, enabling a healthier and self-empowered life.


"Shàn" is the pronunciation of the Chinese character "善" which means kindness and compassion. A simple word with such profound meaning and strength. I hope Shan Living will be able to spread the awareness of living kindly and self-compassion to every Soul that we connect with. 

"If you need to choose between being Right and being Kind, choose being Kind"


About Silvia


Self-healing Is Being Kind To Yourself

Silvia founded Shan Living in 2019, inspired to create a holistic safe space for all those who are seeking to start their inner healing.

She believes healing needs to start with the courageous process of shining light into our darkest corner to uncover the pain we have buried deep within. Some of these pain are obvious but most of them were created in unconsciousness, usually in childhood. And it is these unconscious emotional baggage that need to be exposed before one's life can truly be liberated and transformed.

Silvia is both a certified Reiki healer and Emotion Code therapist. Combining her empathic intuitive energy and emotion decoding techniques, she has helped many clients kickstart their self-healing and life transformation journey.

"By knowing our past, we understand our present. By changing our present, we recreate our future. Many of us are trapped in unhappiness and desperate to change our situations. But wishing alone does not make things happen unless we find out what we are still clinging onto in the darkest corner of our Mind. If you are ready to ask, I am here to help you find out the answers."


- Love & Light To You Always, Silvia


The Healing Space

I totally fell in love with this space the second I walked into it. Located in Singapore's oldest district, this century-old shophouse has withstood the test of time as the country leaped into modernisation and commercialisation. Standing tall and in its own grace, I can totally feel the energy of simply BEING.

210 Telok Ayer Street, 3rd Floor

Shan Living

Singapore 068694

(Next To Amoy Hawker Centre)


(Turn Sound On For Music)

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