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To go onward, we have to first go inward.

Inward with Silvia is a mindfulness and meditation series for meditators to reconnect with their deeper self through energising themes in each episode.


Grab your cushion and let's begin the inward journey to your mind. 


Each video is a 15-20 min meditation sequence, a handy daily muse for you to reboot your mind whenever you need one!


Make sure you find a comfortable spot that is airy and with minimal distractions. You might even want to set up your own ambience by lighting an incense or drip some essential oil in your palms.


If you have difficulty sitting on the lower ground, feel free to choose a high chair but make sure both feet can be planted on the ground. Don't leave them hanging in the air.


Finally, dress breathable clothes for maximum ease.

And relax….


Inward with Silvia will be published every Tuesday and Friday.

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E1 | Self-Love

All of us want to be loved but everytime we seek from someone, somewhere else, we get disappointed. Let's learn to love ourselves first to receive the love that will truly make us happy.

If you have been hurt or going through conflicted relationships in life, this is a healing guide for you.

E3 | Create Space

Create space within to allow all the love, joy and support you need to enter. Learn how to make space in the head and the heart through breathwork.


If you are manifesting on a wish right now, creating space is the essential first step!

E2 | Inner Balance

Life continues to change and evolve all the time, hence, maintaining inner balance is a continuous conscious effort to make sure we stay on track with bliss.

If you have been overwhelmed lately by challenges, busyness or desires, check-in here.

E4 | Release

All negative thoughts and emotions become toxic energies trapped within us. Learn to release them on a daily basis to maintain optimal wellbeing.

If you are feeling stressed and burnout, join me in this inward journey to release and relax.

E6 | Mental Strength

E7 | Miracles

E8 | Harmony

E9 | Abundance

E10 | Forgiveness

E5 | Clear Focus

Navigate your life with a clear intention. Learn how to re-organise the inner mind for clearer pathways.


If you are feeling a bit lost in life and having challenges making clear decisions, come check-in with me as we work on resetting the chaotic mind.


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