Wed, 25 Mar | Shan Living


Dedicate one day of your life to transform your life in a day.
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Time & Location

25 Mar 2020, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm SGT
Shan Living, 210B Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068643

About The Event

Life can be less overwhelming when you recognises your power beyond the boundaries of physicalities and materials. 

The rising trend of stress and anxiety across the world is in complete coherence with the downward trend of spirituality. Spirituality can be in the form of religious belief, body mind spirit wellness, alternative healing or simply recognising there is a greater purpose of life to be lived. When spirituality is lost, the Mind is lost. 

If you are on the path in finding back your spirituality, your inner-child or your authentic self-identity to renew your life, let this workshop be your gateway and stepping stone.

This is a both learning and experiential workshop where you’ll be healed and taught to self-heal at the same time. Simply come with an open-mind and see where this journey will lead you.

What is Chakra energy?

Our holistic wellbeing lies in the healthy flow and circulation of energy within our inner body. The air we breathe in, the food we consume, the emotions we experience, they all transform into energies that either uplift our life or pull us down.

Chakra system is an ancient old tradition in Hinduism to understand how such energy flows within our body and how the imbalances affect quality of our life. This school of thoughts had since spread across the globe into both eastern and western cultures due to its high resonance even in modern lives. Several healing techniques to restore, open and cleanse the chakras have also since emerged.

Chakra means “spinning disk or wheels”, as these wheels spin, they radiate energy throughout our inner body to nourish and maintain our overall wellness. However, our everyday thoughts, emotions and actions can create disruptions to these energy flow, that is how consequently, some or all of the energy centers will become blocked. 

The 7 Chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The lower chakras deal with our physical needs, middle chakras manage our emotions and the higher chakras take care of our mental and spiritual growth. Each of the chakras can be activated by their corresponding colour and sound frequency vibration.

For example, root chakra is an earth chakra, corresponding with the colour “red” and sound vowel “uhh” at a low frequency of 396 Hz. It deals with survival and is blocked when there is presence of fear (e.g. fear of loneliness, getting sick or losing job). The archetype of an imbalanced root chakra is “The Victim” with a victimised mindset, always trapped in the mentality for blaming others as the source of their own misfortune.

By restoring balance to the root chakra, there will be stronger sense of security and groundedness, becoming powerful instead of powerless. 

You will get to learn in great details of each chakra in the workshop. Such knowledge creates higher self-empowerment to find the right healing path for oneself. 

What you will learn:

· What are Chakras and why are they important for our inner healing and balance

· What are the 7 major Chakras and what do they deal with in our life

· Understand Chakras through the elements and archetypes they represent

· Find out what happens when these energy centers become blocked

What you will experience and guided on:

· Find out which of your Chakras are out of balance

· Interpret how these imbalances are affecting a specific aspect of your life problem (love, money, family, health, success)

· Learn 3 simple techniques to open your blocked Chakras (Sound & Visual, Tapping and Crystals)

· Be guided through a compassion and contemplation self-talk meditation

· Create a 7-day daily positive affirmation for new intention manifestation

What else are included:

1. 7 Chakra Energy set lunch (You will also learn the recipe and the right food for nourishing each Chakra)

2. 7 Crystals set for Chakra healing (I will show you how to use them in the workshop)

3. A beautiful Chakra crystal bracelet with chakra symbol charm of your choice (we will activate them in the workshop)

4. A personalised chakra meditation video based on your healing needs discovered during the workshop will be sent to you for your continual cleansing

This workshop was developed due to the popularity of our Chakra meditation classes. Students were keen to find out more details and allowed deeper experience of each chakra healing. Hence, I had decided to rollout a full day workshop to share my knowledge and personal healing experience through chakras. 

Hope you’ll be able to join me in this therapeutic, engaging and enriching workshop. And may it kickstart your journey to authentic bliss and happiness.

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