Love Yourself. Do A Hug Meditation.

So, when was the last time you gave yourself a hug?

Or looked in the mirror and said "I Love You, I Know It's Madness But You Are Doing Great!"

Raise your hand if you did all these since the corona outbreak started✋🏻

If you are guilty or shrugging your shoulders, it's never too late to start right now.😉

Because today I am going to share with you a HUG meditation.

Well, life is like taking a vacation. If you don't take good care of yourself, you are not going to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Remember how on a vacation, we usually don't sleep well, we binge eat and we stressed ourselves out, trying to complete every thing we had on our checklist? See this, eat that, buy this, get that.

And in the end, we fall ill and become too sickly to enjoy the trip.

Right now in this crisis, you might say, how can this nightmare be a vacation?

Well, I felt miserable in the beginning too until I realised how fortunate I am that I can face this madness in the comfort of my home, in my safe country, with my family around.

By counting the blessings, no matter big or small, I found love in this world and in my life again.

So, if you have been overlooking the little hearts that are lying around you, take a moment to notice them.

And now, are you ready of a tender loving HUG meditation?

Technique of the day:

HUG meditation to love yourself and to remember that you are loved.

💜Sit comfortably, breathe naturally and start grounding yourself

💜First hug, cross your hands across the chest and place the tight hug on your shoulders

💜Second hug, cross your hands across the belly and embrace the fire within you

💜Third hug, cross your palms and place on your heart, feel the pulses of your heartbeat

💜To complete, raise both knees up, cross your hands to touch the elbows on each side, lock the knees. Now lower your head and simply rest. As you are in curled up like a foetus angel, focus on the word "love", inviting loving energy into yourself right now.

Now take a deep breath in, stretch out and enjoy the newbirth!

Watch the video for full demonstration:

About The Author

Silvia is a passionate holistic coach and therapist. Her engaging and creative personality makes traditional meditation, fun and easy for the contemporary minds. She specialises in personalised coaching for mindfulness and meditation. She is also a certified Emotion Code™ practitioner for those who are seeking emotional healing. Silvia founded Shan Living Mindfulness Studio in Singapore, her beloved hometown. Her warmly exclusive services are available both in-studio and online, catering to busy city dwellers.

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