How Does Meditation Help With Managing Emotions?

There are 60 emotions in the Emotion Code™ chart that I use for my emotion therapy. And I think I have had them all in the last few weeks.

The bombs dropped by coronavirus, one after another, had undeniably killed a lot of brain cells and brought out all the unfathomable emotions we can ever imagine.

I can't help wondering where will I be today, dealing with this traumatic crisis, if I have still been in my corporate vocation, knowing nothing about mindfulness and meditation. Will I had burned out long time ago, surrendering to the chaos and drinking myself to no-tomorrows (like I used to)?

Whatever this crisis has taken away, I am grateful that at least I still have my Mind.

Perhaps this is what the journey is about, learning to live with my Mind - in total bliss and harmony.

Meditation is the key to living with our Mind. The Mind is beyond just ta brain organ, you can imagine it as a globe of energy emitting different wavelengths and frequencies. Each time a thought or emotion is triggered, this power station is charged with electrical sparks. This current is sent across our entire body and life experience, giving us a rainbow of feelings and altering our state of being.

There are 5 major brainwaves in our Mind - Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

When we get into stress, anxiety and fear, our brainwaves shoot up to high beta. That is not a good thing because this frequency messes up our internal system and produces chemicals that damages our immunity.

The most immediate remedy, is to bring down the brainwaves to Alpha frequency - the "bridge" into Theta and Delta zone, where our inner peace, insights and deepest consciousness reside.

By simply sitting down for a 15 min breathing meditation, we are effectively changing the brainwaves.

This has been widely proven in the science and medical world with the advanced technology of EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram), placing electrodes on the scalp to measure brainwaves. They tested the brainwaves changes in meditators during their practice and can observe apparent patterns that brings the Mind to Alpha and lower frequencies.

I was so curious about this that I bought a "EEG"-like device called MUSE, to test on my own brainwaves while I meditate. I was blown away how my brainwaves calm down and changes when I experiment with different meditation techniques using sounds, visuals, breaths and silence.

Maybe I'll share this next time to show you guys how it works. Let me know below if you think this will be useful to you?

Here are few links for your further references if you are also curious:

Take good care all!

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Silvia is a passionate holistic coach and therapist. Her engaging and creative personality makes traditional meditation, fun and easy for the contemporary minds. She specialises in personalised coaching for mindfulness and meditation. She is also a certified Emotion Code™ practitioner for those who are seeking emotional healing. Silvia founded Shan Living Mindfulness Studio in Singapore, her beloved hometown. Her warmly exclusive services are available both in-studio and online, catering to busy city dwellers.

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