How Does Meditation Change The Brain?

How does mindfulness change the brain?
To explain this, we need to first understand how our brain works.

I am most fascinated by the inner works of the brain, I guess it's one of the best knowledge I have acquired in taking back control of my life.

There are so many wonderful facts I want to share with you but today we'll just touch on one aspect - the brainwaves.

Vibrational frequencies, energy field, wavelengths… if all these sound rocket science to you, I really encourage you to take a deeper look into them. Because they are truly the key engines of our life experiences!

Our Mind generally operates in 5 types of brainwaves - delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. Right now, as you are watching my video, your frequency is most likely at beta - the cognitive wavelength for learning. However, if there is a screaming kid right beside you right now and the air con has just broken down. You are most likely in the HIGHER BETA, producing lots of stress hormones and emotional chemicals.

Let's say I ask you to take a deep breath now and gently close your eyes. Take a few more , exhale through the mouth with a sigh.

While you are doing this, your brainwaves might be falling back to LOWER BETA.

If you sit down and meditate, you will be bringing your brainwaves further down to ALPHA.

Alpha waves is commonly triggered when you go for any sort of relaxation exercises - a spa, reading a good book, do a yoga, listening to soothing music and of course, meditate.

ALPHA is the bridge to your high consciousness and deep awareness that is the Theta and Delta zones.

When you are receiving or giving an energy healing, your brainwaves falls to these levels. When you are asleep in dream state, you are also entering these deeper zones.

Now what about GAMMA? Gamma is the highest frequency when you arrive at an ingenius moment of enlightenment. That’s the zone where most invention happened.

So, all these are theories until you test them! And I literally was very eager to find out, so I bought a device called MUSE that can measure my wavelength while I meditate. Similar to EEG devices that they use for medical research. And it was probably the best investment I've made because it validated all the theories.

We'll have to stop here for today! But if you are interested, do watch out for my new workshops and we can immerse in these marvellous world of the mind together!


FULL lotus pose is challenging because it really requires a lot of flexibility in our legs. If you are a beginner to sitting, this posture will be utterly uncomfortable or even painful. So please be extremely cautious if you'll like to try this pose, stop whenever there is pain.

The key tip for doing a full lotus pose lies in the preliminary warm up stretches and rotations! There are several joints and muscles that we will need to relax to prepare the legs for crossing to the extreme position.

Before we begin, let's try a lotus pose so that you can feel the difference in tightness before and after the exercises.

Find a comfortable seat now and join me in these exercises.

1. First we will do some rotation for the 3 main joints - ankle, kneecap and hip joints. Clock wise and Anti-clockwise

  • Ankle

  • Knee

  • Hip

2. Now we will proceed to stretches on thigh muscles

  • Japanese Seiza / Yoga vajrasana

  • Butterfly Flap

  • Thinking Man

3. The biggest blocker for doing a full lotus is actually our buttocks. We'll need to soften the muscles to allow more space for bending

  • Pigeon - Forward Folding

After doing all these sets of exercises, you should feel easier trying the Full Lotus Pose.

Do be really gentle with yourself when you are practising this pose.


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