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Work challenges are no longer just about the job itself. More than half of the time, our vast energy is spent on coping with our own difficult emotions at the workplace.


It might seem like our negative emotions are a result of a toxic office culture or the high-demanding work nature. But if you put more awareness into what you are experiencing, you might notice some recurring pattern of the same type of emotion.

I had a client who shared that she had changed 5 jobs in 2 years and she believed she was just not good at her job.



She recounted that in the first few jobs, she was totally burned out as she was being forced to take on everybody's work.


In the next few jobs that followed, she often encounter incidents where she was bullied and made the scapegoat of someone else' mistake.


The final straw came when her manager conspired with her colleagues to make her leave the company. When she came to me, she was still recovering from the painful experience and she needed help to regain courage to search for a job again.


The trapped emotion was not obvious to her until we work through the Emotion Healing therapy and I pointed out to her that there is a recurring theme rooted in the 5 jobs she had encountered and it is the trapped emotion of "betrayal".

We traced the source of this trapped emotion all the way back when she was 10 years old. In disbelief, she recalled that when she was young, because of her timid look, she was often bullied in school by her classmates. She remembered even her teachers used to humiliate her and she will hid in the corner and cry. Every time she wished her mum will be there to rescue her but she was just too busy at work. Without dealing with this emotion properly, she continued to carry this shadow of "betrayal" into her adult life, projecting it unconsciously onto every place she worked in.

In the universal law of attraction, whatever we give out, we receive. Trapped emotions are recurring thoughts and feelings that we uncontrollably transmit out and hence, we attract experiences that match that vibration. If you want to remove the blockers at work or enhance your work prospects, first, you have to identify the interfering emotions that you might be attached to, unconsciously.


This workshop will bring you beyond the conventional understanding of emotions, into a deeper realm of trapped emotions and how you can heal yourself from them.

Workshop Agenda

2 Hours


Prepare ourselves with a set of grounding meditation to fully relax our body and mind


Learn about Trapped Emotions and Subconscious Mind


Find out how Trapped Emotions are created and manifested into our workplace and career path


LIVE DEMO: Participants can also volunteer to experience having their trapped emotions read and released on the spot

2 Sessions Available

19 May Wed 7pm

22 May Sat 10am

Fee: SGD68

Event Is Conducted In Studio

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