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Managing Stress From Clients


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Break The Chain of Stress

Stress is experienced when you are disconnected with yourself.

And the "self" I am referring to here.. Is the deeper, inner self, not the ego self or the 5 sensory-self.


Our stress starts from our 5 sensories, when we see or hear something that challenges us, makes us worried, fearful or threatened,  we start to create negative thoughts and perceptions. , These thoughts int  turn become negative internal dialogues , which in turn stimulate negative emotions and then further drive our behaviour.


So, to stop stress, we need to break the chain of stress.


To break the chain, we need to pay attention to each of these components that create the chain.


How To Break The Chain?

By practising mindfulness and meditation.


When we cultivate a stronger sense of self-awareness, it helps us detect our thoughts and emotions more quickly. When we recognise that stress is beginning to creep into us, we can shift our responses and stop stress before it spirals downwards.



Perhaps you have received a communication from your client that they might have to discontinue their service because of the current pandemic crisis. Here's the possible chain reaction:

  1. Your 5 sensors immediately triggered the perception that ALL clients are going to start telling you the bad news

  2. Your emotions begin to rise up, heart-racing faster than normal. You felt worried, fearful and perhaps even helpless

  3. For the rest of the day and even weeks, you begin to feel fatigue and unmotivated.

  4. You start to stress-eat

  5. Your attitude might even start to impatient the next time you have a Zoom meeting with a client

So, the chain reaction continues to spiral down and the negativity began to attract more client issues and stress.

Mindfulness Meditation

You can watch this in the recorded video. Fast forward to 00:26:48

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Breath Awareness

Place palm in front of your nose, leave a gap of 10 cm.

As you breathe through your nose, observe the quality of your breath - the heat, speed, strength, direction.

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2 Cycles Breathing

There are 4 cycles of breath in breathwork. For this lesson, we will begin with 2 cycles - INHALATION and EXHALATION

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Belly Breathing 

Adopt the habit of breathing with your belly. By using your abdomen muscle to breathe, you allow the diaphragm to be raised up to help pump the lungs. This way you will be benefiting from deep breathing for optimum air supply for your body and mind.

App Annie Zoom3.PNG

Experience One-Side Breathing

Without blocking the nostril! Yes, try this interesting technique by placing your palm underneath the opposite armpit. Apply some pressure by lifting the shoulder. 

App Annie Zoom4.PNG

Deep Breathing Sequence

Without blocking the nostril! Yes, try this interesting technique by placing your palm underneath the opposite armpit. Apply some pressure by lifting the shoulder. 

App Annie Zoom5.PNG

Seated Sun Salutation

This is a yoga sequence combining our flow of breaths with our body movement but in a seated version. You can watch the demonstration by fast forwarding video to 00:42:43

Meditation Music

Music always helps in creating the right ambience, here are few recommended music for you:


  1. Kyoto Temple Bell A calming temple bell, you can set to repeat to last through the exercises

  2. Solitude Ocean Waves Meditate by the sound of ocean waves and soothing piano

  3. 432 Hz Deep Healing Music 432 Hz is a proven frequency that raises our vibrational energy and deeper consciousness, experience for yourself


Note that these are spotify links, you can download spotify for free if you do not have an account.

Peer Sharing

Awesome colleagues coming on LIVE to share their side of stories about stress.

App Annie Zoom7.PNG

Kana from Japan Team

Start video at 00:12:57

Kana shared about the new challenge for having Zoom meetings with her clients who are usually too shy to turn on the video.

App Annie Zoom8.PNG

Jad from U.K Team

Start video at 00:15:36

Jad shared his inspiring thoughts on the pandemic crisis and recommended everyone to read "The Daily Stoid: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance And The Art of Living"

Questions From The Floor

Q: One thing I would like to ask (perhaps we will cover this in future sessions) is how to stop your mind from wandering - how to stay present, and push away racing thoughts?

- Tamara Barack

Hi, Tamara! Thank you for your great question. I will be sharing this on Week 3 when I cover "Focused Meditation".

But let me share a few thoughts here on "controlling" wandering minds.

Wandering minds happen when we drift into subconscious mode. That is, we are not even aware of our incoming thoughts.

To be fair, we produce on average 60,000 thoughts per day, so it's indeed quite a challenge to keep track and manage them.

Therefore, it is imperative that to stop the wandering mind, we need to first master the art of consciousness. When we are able to pay attention to our thoughts, we will be able to control them. 

The art of managing the chatty mind is not to stop the noise because resistance will only bring about more chaos. Our role is to learn to observe them as an outsider and refrain from participating.

This mastery can be acquired through mindfulness and meditation, using different techniques such as anchoring our mind on our breaths, applying certain mantras, mudras, sounds and visualisation to train the mind. 

Hope to see you in the subsequent sessions, let me know if those techniques help.

Love & Light,


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