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Mindfulness is not a modern day concept, it started way back in ancient times. And 18 Mindfulness beads got popular during the Tang Dynasty, used by royalties as an imperial meditation tool.


You can easily hold these 18 beads in your hand, rotating and counting each bead mindfully, while you inhale and exhale to calm your Mind. You can even be creative on the meditation process, by counting 18 blessings, chanting 18 times a personal mantra or simply humming "Om".

18 Beads Materials

  • 18 crystal beads - You have the option to choose between CLEAR QUARTZ or WHITE TRIDACNA

  • 1 set of guru bead

  • Connectors and decorators

  • Oriental strings for stringing and tassels

  • Toolkits will be provided 

  • A pouch is included for storing the beads

Don't worry if you have no prior experience in any beadworks as you will be personally guided step-by-step from stringing, overhand knotting to creating the tassel.


Individual Sign-up

$128 per pax

Come in PAIR


Come in Group of 3


For safe-distancing and optimal serenity, each class allows up to 3 students only.

Prices include all materials.


From October onwards, workshops are available only on Saturdays 10am or 3pm, Sundays 10am. Each workshop is around 2 hours.

For booking enquiry, please feel free to email us at shan@shan-living.com for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you.

The Workshop will commence with a brief therapeutic meditative session to remove your tensions and calm your energy. 

Enjoy your peaceful crafts-making with your newly revitalised energy. Reconnect with your inner being through your patience, focus and clear awareness as you work on your creations.